Making the Most of Our Golden Years

Making the Most of Our Golden Years

By Shirley Long, Collin County LIVING WELL Magazine

Have the “Golden Years” crept up on you when you weren’t looking? It may seem as though one day you had a house full of children or grandchildren, you were busy with careers and an active social life…and then you looked around and discovered your life has changed dramatically. The children are grown and have a life and families of their own, old friends have moved away or passed away, and retirement has begun. But the Golden Years were meant to be enjoyed with others — chatting, sipping coffee or tea, playing games, going on fun outings. So now what do you do?

The worst thing you can do is sit around the house and watch television. This will advance the aging process very rapidly and result in depression and loneliness. Remember, the birth date on your driver’s license doesn’t define YOU. What counts is how you feel inside and how you are engaged in life.

We all need to get an “attitude adjustment” regarding the reality of aging. Since you can’t do anything about the number of years you have accumulated, you should make the most of your Golden Years.

  • Rediscover the things that have brought you enjoyment in the past. This will bring back your enthusiasm for life. Find something you look forward to doing, such as social time with friends playing games, hobbies, music, going to community theaters…anything that you enjoy.
  • Volunteer. There are many organizations where volunteers are needed, such as hospitals, food banks, meals on wheels, daycares, the list goes on. One area that is overlooked by seniors is working with our children and teens that would benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge of our seniors. Learn how you can support and encourage our youth by contacting the local schools and YMCAs.
  • Make friends with the person in the mirror! Don’t lament the lines and wrinkles you see.  Those lines are the result of a happy, well-lived life. Focus on looking your best instead of the changes that you really can’t do anything about.
  • Learn something new. Senior centers and YMCAs also offer a variety of classes and activities. Check out continuing education classes at your local college. Most colleges offer many classes geared toward retirees.
  • Get out and be social. Get better acquainted with someone you have met. Invite people you enjoy being around or would like to get to know better to enjoy an activity or event.

Everyone needs socialization. One of the options more and more seniors are choosing is independent senior apartment living.  You can put all the worries and cares of home ownership behind you.  In a senior community, you can discover the joy, friendship and laughter that will make these years the best of your life.

When all is said and done, senior living is all about socializing. This can be accomplished easily in one of the independent senior communities in the area. Discover the value of developing new friendships while enjoying a full senior lifestyle.

To learn more about independent senior living, contact Shirley Long – marketing manager at Parkview in Frisco. She can be reached at 972-377-6744. You may also visit their website at