Medical Advances for the Treatment of Varicose Veins

Waking up provides people with their first sensations of the day. For some, that first sensation is pain.

Once a person gets moving around, the pain will often gradually subside as the day progresses. However, for people with vein issues in their legs, the pain starts first thing in the morning and only gets worse as the day continues. By the end of the day, it can be unbearable. People with this type of problem will tell you it’s uniquely difficult to live with.

Thankfully, innovative medical advances have been made in the treatment of varicose veins. These new procedures offer the patient a more permanent solution without the need for painful vein stripping surgery or hospitalization. All of these procedures are done in the doctor’s office with no “down time” for the patient. In fact, resumption of their usual activities is encouraged.

Instead of using multiple incisions as was commonly done in the past, doctors can now use modern ultrasound technology with laser or chemical energy to seal off dysfunctional veins. Veins treated in this way do not have to be “stripped out” as they are absorbed as part of the healing process. The end result is a procedure that is less painful, less invasive, and less likely to have to be repeated. Stitches are not required, and for laser vein procedures there is a 98% success rate.