Messinger Mortuaries on Why to Plan Ahead

Funeral Planning – Why We Plan Ahead

If someone were to ask me “How do you think your future is going to turn out?” I’d have to answer “I just don’t know.”

All of us, from time to time, lazily dream or fantasize and see ourselves in a number of ideal settings. We might be traveling to exotic destinations, or picturing ourselves surrounded by family and cherished friends, happy in their presence. Maybe we’d be shooting that perfect round of golf on a world class championship course; writing that blockbuster novel that’s been stored in our head for decades, or finally running for political office and, just imagine, winning the election! Here we have to stop and admit that all these daydreams are truly a mystery. We may never be able to change the course of our own destiny by dreaming, but we can take the mystery out of it by planning carefully for our future.

For every ending in life, there is a beginning.

The need to plan for the end of life is a challenge that many of us may not care to undertake—especially when life is swimming along at a satisfying pace—no worries, no fears, just day-to-day contentment. Yet, this is exactly the ideal time to start preparing for those end-of-life decisions. Why? No one has a crystal ball that they can look into to be able to say with certainty what will or will not happen in the future. As we all continue to advance in age, we need to remember, so do our children. What better gift could we provide for their future than to ensure that our final plans are secure. That includes specifying final wishes for funeral arrangements and burial and seeing to it that they are pre-funded. What better gift could we give to our families than making certain, in uncertain times, that they are not faced with the burden of making these decisions on their own—often without the benefit of counsel on how we would like to see them carry out our final wishes. At Messinger Mortuaries, we encourage families to take the time to discuss their plans with their loved ones, share their personal vision for their final needs, and consider the ultimate benefits of pre-funding final arrangements.

Final events

Sometimes, planning is best done by looking ahead to the final event and then planning backward. Imagine what your final needs will involve and then start step by achievable step to get there. The greatest benefit, of course, is relieving families of the task of making difficult decisions at a time when they need to be caring for one another. The second greatest benefit is knowing, that once arrangements are pre-funded, future cost is secured at today’s dollars.

Our goal is to help families continue to share and preserve lifelong memories, free from the worries or likelihood that funds to pay for funeral and burial expenses may not exist at the time of death. Given the nature of our changing times, uncertainty about future economic growth in our country, and its ultimate effect on us, it makes good, practical sense to secure our vision in a concrete way—prepaid and protected for the future.

Our most precious remembrances of our loved ones, after saying our final good-bye, can be renewed in a place where families may gather in comfort. Paradise Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Mausoleum has long been the final resting place of choice by families throughout the valley. Years of dedicated, personalized and compassionate service have earned us the trust and confidence of our community. We take care of all your needs when it matters most.

You have always been responsible for your decisions in life. Consider taking advantage of the opportunity to secure your end-of-life choices to your satisfaction in an atmosphere of mutual respect that serves your needs and your needs only. Remember, no single type of service is right for everyone.

Nothing is left to chance, or mystery.