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Mission Possible: Smiling With Comfort, Health & Beauty

Courtesy Whitmore Dental, Collin County LIVING WELL Magazine

There is a place in Plano where smiles come from deep within. These are soulful smiles; they reflect love and life lived well.

The place is Whitmore Dental. More important than its location is the dental team lead by Dr. Marcus Whitmore.

“People tell us we are different from any other doctor’s office they have visited,” says Whitmore. “It’s music to my ears.”

Whitmore and his team have a practice mission founded on three philosophical principles that include clear communication, dedication to ethical care, and patient empowerment through education.

First, the ‘Global Communication’ approach to care means Whitmore and his team make time to listen to patients at each visit, and communicate about treatment with patients, and with each other, to ensure clarity and comprehension by all.

Second, Whitmore and the team believe in ‘Principles Over Profits’. They only recommend treatment best suited for the patient in their care, even if their recommendations result in no money for the dental practice. Each dental care solution is tailored to the patient receiving care and not to anyone else.

Third, the ‘Patients as Partners’ ideology empowers patients with information. Whitmore and his team partner with patients to teach best home care practices, provide preventative options, and recommend treatment suited to patient needs.

Whitmore’s patients notice.

“I have never ever felt so comfortable at a dentist’s office and I’ve had a life of dental problems, so I know my stuff,” explains Stansel Stephens, a recent Facelift Dentures patient. “Everyone on Dr. Whitmore’s team takes great care of me. Cheryl the dental assistant knows I have trouble walking, so she helps me get around. Dee Dee and Janet, up front, are my friends along with everyone in the practice.”

While Stephens’ experience inside Whitmore Dental was incredibly positive, the Facelift Dentures procedure she selected is making a huge impact in her life every day.

“My life has changed by 180 degrees,” she says. “Before I met Dr. Whitmore, my teeth were the worst. I suffered through root canals and extractions. I was often in pain. One dentist even told me I was too hard to treat and walked away. That really hurt me and made me want to avoid the dentist even more.”

When Stephens’ boyfriend offered her a choice between a car and new teeth, Stephens didn’t miss a beat.

“I know a lot of people would go for a car because it costs more,” she recalls. “Not me. My whole life I had dental problems and I was embarrassed about my teeth. I didn’t like going out and I rarely smiled. I knew Facelift Dentures were my chance to rid myself of pain and come out of my shell smiling. Boy, was I ever ready to come out smiling.”

Stephens’ boyfriend heard Whitmore talking about Facelift Dentures on KRLD News Radio. He called the office and made an appointment for his beloved.

Before getting her Facelift Dentures, Stephens needed to have three dead teeth removed, to ensure excellent fit and function.

“When the teeth came out, it didn’t hurt a bit,” she says. “Dr. Whitmore and his team are so gentle I could not believe it.”

Whitmore is one of the first dentists in the nation to be trained in and offer Facelift Dentures.

Facelift Dentures are made to provide greater underlying support that improves bone retention, and allows the jaws to move with greater ease. The result for most is improved chewing function, a better fit, and enhanced facial features because Facelift Dentures fill out the face more precisely than traditional dentures.

A couple of weeks after her first appointment with Whitmore, Stephens had her Facelift Dentures. She says no one can tell she wears dentures.

“I smile all the time, more than I ever have before,” she says. “I tell people the only side-effect to Facelift Dentures is that your face might hurt because you won’t be able to stop smiling. For me, Facelift Dentures are the best investment ever, they are worth every penny and more.”

And, her boyfriend?

“He carries before and after pictures of me in his car, because he is so proud of me,” she says. “He likes to look at how far I have come and how happy he has made me.”

Stephens has scheduled a photo shoot so her boyfriend will have a new ‘after’ photo to carry in his car.

Each week, the Whitmore dental care team creates beautiful, new Facelift Dentures for people who are ready to look and feel their very best.

Call Dr. Whitmore’s office today at 972-985-1580 and ask for a complimentary consultation. We’d love to meet you!