OHHHHH Chicken Coop!

OHHHHH Chicken Coop!

It has been built!  Finally, by moi!  Not really by choice – because Mr. Man still can’t operate power tools….or so he says!

All kidding aside, I think I did fairly well for my first real “construction” job.  I didn’t even get mad at Matt for supervising me and telling me what to do!  That needed to be mentioned!  I did however get really mad at myself for being 41 years old and not having a clue how to build stuff!

Here are some cool pics of my (OK…OUR!) chicken coop!

Note: I am not comfortable roofing…totaling a fake smile!

Notice the pool ladder, this is ridiculous and lazy on my part since Matt has about 20 real ladders!

Last wall up!

Soon, they will have more “outdoor” space.  We are making a “run” or possibly letting them roam free….not sure because of “unfriendly” wild beasts…foxes, raccoons, coyotes, hawks..etc.. No worries we will always keep them safe…thank you Safety Sam (aka Mr. Man)

OOOPS spoke too soon here is the new door (as of this afternoon!)

Aren’t you proud of my work?  I was very well supervised by my lovely husband who is a great teacher!  I love him!

Peace and coop, (still)


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