Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates: Wellness Beyond Expectation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates: Wellness Beyond Expectation

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Orthopedics is a field of medicine traditionally associated with joints, ligaments, tendons and bones, all connected and interdependent. If one element of the structure is weak or injured, it impacts the others.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates (ORA) serves patients with an aim of preventing or healing injury, making sure the structural skeletal system is functioning as well as possible for each individual. Along with traditional approaches to therapy, this practice takes a step back, looking at the other facets––strength, balance and wellness––that can precipitate injury and impact overall quality of life.

This unique full-service practice is the brainchild of Dan Fogarty. “I had dreamed about this since physical therapy school,” Fogarty explains.” A lot of my colleagues I trained with in Arizona owned their own practices—my hope was to do something that other people weren’t doing.”

Fogarty carried this vision as he worked for Penrose-St. Francis for the first nine years of his career before he decided to strike out on his own. That was over 10 years ago. Today, what started as one small facility has become three, positioned to serve all areas of Colorado Springs. Their staff has grown to 43. Even with the growth, Fogarty and his business partner Chad Ansell strive to maintain a family atmosphere for employees and patients. Their low turnover and continued patient and physician referrals speak to their welcoming environment.

In sync with their overall philosophy, Fogarty believes providing patients with a welcoming staff and environment sets the tone for healing and improvement. Fogarty and Ansell both oversee the business and provide direct services to patients. Fogarty says, “I didn’t open Orthopedic Associates to sit behind a desk. I go to work each day, but it doesn’t feel like work. It’s rewarding, to get people active again.” It’s this “roll up your sleeves” attitude and service-first approach that has gained ORA the reputation as a practice that sees results.

A Big Picture Approach

At ORA, full service means providing for a spectrum of conditions and approaching each person’s situation with any number of modalities that will lead to success. The ORA Orthopedic Center is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility offering patients a progressive yet welcoming setting with a full complement of cardiovascular, strength training and hand therapy equipment. They specialize in helping patients following injury, accident or surgery.

Staff takes an eclectic team approach, combining different modalities and exercise when needed. One patient may benefit best from a combination of hands-on therapy and trigger point dry needling, while another may benefit from cold laser therapy and strengthening.

In addition, the Tutt location has a new program for amputees. Specially trained physical therapists help those who have experienced trauma to the upper or lower extremities with wound healing, swelling, prosthetics and other therapies to ease transition, pain and promote the best possible mobility.

ORA also offers state-of-the-art training with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This equipment, also used by Olympic athletes, allows people to exercise and train without pain—even as they are still in recovery mode from surgery or injury. Anyone can come in and purchase a punch card to use the machine at intervals (no physician referral needed), and many have already found it helpful as they prepare for an upcoming run on the heels of injury.

You treat what?

Perhaps lesser known is the role of physical therapy in treating balance issues. The ORA Balance Center provides various therapies to people who experience dizziness that disrupts everyday life. This may be a person whose balance has been compromised by Parkinson’s or MS, or someone who simply wakes up one day with extreme dizziness.

“With dizziness, a patient may hardly be able to walk in. I’ve seen a patient, after being treated by a vestibular therapist, sit up and say, ‘What the heck? That’s like a miracle!’ The dizziness is gone,” Fogarty explains.

Incontinence and even constipation and bedwetting in children are treated. People living with incontinence, pelvic pain or persistent pain or discomfort related to childbirth can find help through the ORA Personal Wellness Center, where staff is specialized and discreet in treatment of men, women and children.

Fogarty notes that while these issues are sensitive, they present real barriers to an active lifestyle.  Such conditions, which can lead to embarrassment and withdrawing from daily activities, often have a muscular component that can be treated and maintained over time. Today, more men are coming forward for incontinence treatment and finding success. The same is true for children suffering from bedwetting or issues with their bowels.

The personal wellness component of ORA also provides treatment and help for women who’ve experienced mastectomy, including prosthetic garments, painful scarring and lymphedema.

Patients are Partners

A patient typically comes to ORA through a physician referral. Therapists start any course of treatment asking patients about their goals and helping them to define them. Some come with more standard goals, like regaining mobility after an injury or surgery. Others come with specific ones, like one patient who wanted to hike the incline. The goal is the launch point for the treatment plan. The end game at ORA is teaching patients how to stay well. This can only happen through a partnership where patients are active participants in their plan of care. An active partnership requires showing up, buying into their treatment plan and––the most difficult part––doing their part at home.

In the interest of serving patients’ needs, the center is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ORA takes most insurance—and they always address billing and payment right up front, so there are no surprises one month after treatment.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates


3605 Austin Bluffs Parkway (1 block west of Academy Blvd.)

6160 Tutt Blvd., Suite 240 (between Dublin & Stetson Hills, 1 block east of Powers)

1230 Tenderfoot Hill Rd., Suite 155 (World Arena Clinic—off Venetucci and Lake Ave.)


Open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Patients can call to schedule early morning and weekend appointments.


By physician referral or self-referral. Accepts most insurance. Full list at oraclinic.com.


Go to oraclinic.com or call 719-265-6601.