Over 40 and Happy

Top questions to ask your doctor when you’re over 40.

By Julie Alvira, MD, MBA

Being “over 40” for some people can be stressful because the idea of aging does not sit well for many. There’s a feeling of being overwhelmed and preoccupied that can easily result in anxiety. Nobody wants to age even though aging is inevitable. To accept our age, take care of ourselves, be mindful of our reactions and behaviors to circumstances, and to be mindful of our appearance, are all part of respecting our whole being. Loving our age is loving ourselves. There are many wonderful aspects about being over 40 and feeling good, stable, and happy. Creating your life the way you want it to be, is essential. One primordial thing that many tend to forget is to take care of our health.

“Sometimes you get so busy taking care of others that you forget you are important too.”

Here are top questions that you should ask your doctor:


  • Are my testosterone levels normal?
  • Are there any screening tests for men that I need?
  • When do I need a prostate test?


  • I understand a couple of things about menopause. Can you explain to me the signs and symptoms I should look for?
  • Are my estrogen levels normal for my age?
  • Are there any screening tests for women that I need now?
  • When do I need breast cancer screening? How often?
  • Is depression normal in aging?
  • Is anxiety normal in aging?
  • Should I change my skin care?
  • What can I do about vaginal dryness?
  • Should I get my hormones adjusted?
  • What is the probability of getting pregnant?
  • Should I worry about osteoporosis?
  • How often do I need a PAP test?

Both Men and Women

  • What kind of sunscreen do you recommend?
  • How is my heart’s health?
  • I heard metabolism gets slower with age, what can I do about it?
  • I’m losing some hair. Why?
  • I feel my libido decreasing. What can I do?
  • Why do I have more joint pain than usual?
  • I am not sleeping very well. Why is that?
  • I have a family history of Alzheimer’s; do I need to do any special test?
  • Is my weight alright for my age and height?
  • Do I need a colonoscopy?
  • Can you tell me my BMI?
  • What can I do to lose some weight?
  • What can you recommend to have more energy?
  • Is my blood sugar within normal limits?
  • Can you check my cholesterol?
  • Do I need to take any special supplements?
  • Are there any tests specific for my age that I should do?
  • Is my blood pressure alright?
  • I am not hearing very well. Do I need a hearing test?
  • How does my family history affect my health?
  •  I heard there are tests to see the gut function. Can you explain them?
  • What can I eat to preserve my vision?
  • I heard about hormone replacement. Can you explain to me what involves?
  • Why do I pee more frequently than before?
  • How often should I be getting checkups?

Julie Alvira, MD, MBA is the founder of Coach Dr. Julie, LLC. Executive Coaching. “Level Up Your Medical Practice.” www.coachdrjulie.com   email: julie@coachdrjulie.com.