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Courtesy Prairie Rose Care Management, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

Prairie Rose Care Management, a geriatric care management practice, provides support and assistance to clients that brings a sense of comfort and security to the whole family. Each client is unique with specific needs. The following is the story of one client. *Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Martha returned to Iowa City from California when her son announced plans to move to Florida.  Although Martha had some memory impairment and mobility difficulties, she moved into an independent retirement facility. Her son decided to hire Prairie Rose to oversee her needs and wants. After completing a holistic assessment, I visited her twice a week, which delighted her and gave her a feeling of comfort.

I soon learned that she had a great desire to return to the church she had previously attended while living in Iowa City. Arrangements were made to drive her to church. Her family appreciated that she was doing something familiar to help with her memory problems. As a result of her memory problems, Martha frequently misplaced her cell phone. To address that difficulty a landline was installed. Her family was relieved to be able to reach Martha.

After Martha had been living in her apartment for a month, she had a traumatic fall, fracturing her mandible, losing a tooth and chipping another. I accompanied her to the ER since her family was not in the area. Martha became confused asking: “Where is my purse? Why am I here?” I stayed with Martha to reassure her. After hours in the ER, Martha returned to her apartment with the addition of care givers. Unfortunately she had two additional falls due to low blood pressure. This resulted in a hospital stay. From there, Martha had a two-week stay in a rehabilitation facility before returning to her apartment. All this time I continued to visit Martha to give her reassurance, which helped her feel more secure. Her family also felt more secure and comfortable having a geriatric care manager. Her son wrote: “Thanks so much Chris for helping mom. We really appreciate you being there.”

For additional information, contact Chris Bangtson, owner of Prairie Rose Care Management at 319-541-7057, or