Providing Knee Replacement That Fits Only One Knee. YOURS ––The Dallas Limb Restoration Center

Providing Knee Replacement That Fits Only One Knee. YOURS.

Courtesy The Dallas Limb Restoration Center, North Dallas LIVING WELL Magazine

Numerous studies have illustrated the relationship between surgeon experience and improved outcomes in joint replacement. Orthopedic surgeons with a high volume of surgical patients and more extensive experience have improved outcomes, lower complication rate, lower morbidity, shorter length of hospital stay, and a lower mean hospital charge compared to orthopedic surgeons who perform fewer joint replacements or have less experience. Significant major journal articles and studies have also found that individual surgeon experience––rather than hospital factors––is significantly associated with improved complication rates and a shorter hospital stay.

Dr. Richard Buch has practiced in one of the rarest specialties in medicine for over 25 years and has performed over 10,000 primary and revision joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Buch is a nationally recognized board certified orthopedic oncology fellowship trained surgeon. As an orthopedic oncologist, Dr. Buch is considered the physician’s specialist as he regularly performs complex joint replacement, join revisions, and orthopedic oncology procedures. As an expert in minimally invasive surgical techniques, he is renowned for surgical outcomes in surgery of the bone, muscles, and extremities in both adult and pediatric patients. He is an acclaimed and nationally recognized consultant and speaker in the education of the next generation of orthopedic surgeons. He is sought after to teach courses in joint replacement and to educate other orthopedic surgeons.

Dr. Buch is performing a new cutting edge knee procedure that allows patients to have custom implants that are exactly fit for their unique anatomy. Dr. Buch and the Dallas Limb Restoration Center are the only certified center in Dallas to perform the ConforMIS iTotal knee procedure. Prior to this new technology, traditional knee replacement was performed by cutting and shaping the patient’s femur and tibia bones to fit an off-the-shelf bulk manufactured implant. The surgeon chose the implant that was the closest and shaped the bone to the implant.

With the ConforMIS iTotal knee procedure, a CT is taken and an exact 3-D model of each patient’s specific anatomy is used to create a personalized implant and personalized surgical instrumentation. No two knees are exactly the same and no two iTotal implants are the same. With this procedure, patients experience a quicker recovery, less bone removal, less blood loss and trauma, a shorter recovery, and most importantly a natural feeling knee.