Recapture Youth with Dental Options

perfect teeth

Who said you can’t turn back the clock and recapture your feeling of youth and well being? Obviously, whoever it was, didn’t know about innovative dental options to fix loose dentures or replace missing teeth.

Janet, a middle-aged housewife, saw her smile deteriorate over the years through neglect and bad genes. She started getting cavities and experienced bone loss. So many of her upper teeth had been extracted because of decay and bone loss that she ended up wearing a full upper denture, which she hated. She said it made her feel like her grandmother. She also complained that about the “caved in” look when she took the denture out. But her biggest complaint was that because she had a strong gag reflex, she was actually was gagging on it frequently.


There wasn’t enough bone to permit replacing all of her upper teeth with implants, so I placed as many implants as possible and then made a solid bar the clipped into a thin, sleek, and incredibly stable denture. This clip-on denture gave her the benefit of the full set of teeth, just like a regular full upper denture. However, the clip-on denture was much more secure and did not cover her entire palate like a regular denture.


Janet not only loves her new smile, she’s not gagging anymore. She’s able to eat whatever she wants again, and she looks ten years younger.


Today, implant restoration is a common procedure. Implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth, to support non-removable permanent bridges for multiple teeth, or to better support a full or partial denture with clasps or retention bars.

Because implants also help maintain bone, they can actually help prevent additional tooth loss and a sunken facial appearance. Dental implants assist you in looking and feeling younger, because they help prevent bone loss. By preventing bone loss that would normally occur with the loss of teeth, your facial structures remain normal and intact. The chances of wrinkling and the look of old age before your time is less likely. Everyday that you continue to wear dentures, or have missing teeth, you are experiencing bone loss, which makes you look much older than you have to. By using dental implants your facial structures and jaw remains strong, healthy, and intact. This is especially important when all of the teeth are missing, because the lower one-third of your face begins to collapse if implants are not placed to preserve the bone.

Your overall quality of life will be enhanced with replacement teeth that look, feel and function more like natural teeth. You will look younger and more attractive which allows you to be even more confident and enjoy smiling, laughing, and talking with others. You’ll live longer too, because you’ll eat better and avoid malnutrition or stomach problems. Fresh vegetables, corn, and fruits will be back on the menu. You’ll eat all of the foods you like. Also, since your chewing is improved, your digestion will be even better as well.

A healthy mouth or magnificent dazzling smile pays dividends in many ways for your entire life. Dental implants are not the least expensive option, but will provide the best possible outcome, the very best appearance and the best possible health.