Recovery at Carrus

Recovery at Carrus

Courtesy Carrus Specialty Hospital, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

After back surgery, Cal Baker hoped to go directly home from the hospital. But recovery required medical intervention and consistent therapies to help him regain strength and mobility.  So Cal chose Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital, a facility he had previously simply seen from the road and thought it looked like a nice place.

“I was pleased with my decision because there was no way my wife could have taken care of me in the shape I was in,” Cal says. “I ended up spending three weeks at Carrus and they were there for me any time of the day or night.”

Restoring confidence is as important as restoring mobility. The Carrus professional team uses creative therapy techniques to encourage patients and achieve results. “They assured me that what I was experiencing was normal and that I was going to get better,” says Cal. “It’s important to have confidence in the people who are looking out for you and I don’t know of a better place I could have been.”

Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital’s mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate care with attention to the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Therapies may include familiar activities, like using a golf club. “They had me working with a putter, encouraging me all the way,” says Cal. “And they showed me how to use this grabber device to pick a ball up off the floor so when I got home I could throw it for my dog!”

Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital’s services meet a wide range of needs. People who are recuperating from surgery, recovering from an injury or a stroke, or have episodes within chronic illnesses may benefit from residential care.

With private rooms and four landscaped courtyards, Carrus is a beautiful facility designed to offer a welcoming atmosphere that minimizes stress and creates opportunities for healing. An interdisciplinary team is equipped with the latest technology to meet medical challenges with advanced techniques.

Learn more about the benefits of Carrus Specialty Hospital and Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital now, before the need for care arises. Call 903-870-2600 for more information or to arrange a tour.