Re-Creating Your Space

Re-Creating Your Space

Courtesy ARA Gallery and Interior Design, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

Have you ever purchased an item for your home that you just love only to realize that the rest of your décor is outdated? That happened to the Matthews of North Liberty.

Re-doing a space is more than just putting something new in a room, new art on the wall or changing the color of paint. One of ARA’s specialties is completely re-doing someone’s room or space to give it a new feeling. A complete room makeover actually reworks the entire room with new paint or textures on the wall, floor covering, lighting, furniture, and artwork & accessories. A complete reinvention of a space can take it from Blah to BRAVO and bring it out of a bygone era. The room will also create a desired feeling and reflect the style of the owner.

John and Jamie Matthews said they hardly ever used their lower level because they didn’t like going down there. “We wanted to have a space that was warm and inviting where we could relax. It was a very fun experience to work with Tony. He knows our likes and dislikes. We trust his decisions and love his design work, the furniture, art and accessories. Tony has great taste and an amazing ability to see what your space could be. It’s now our favorite room!”

ARA’s designer Tony Alt’s favorite part of doing a complete room makeover is when customers come in months later with such positive comments on the room(s) we decorated for them. They tell us that the room that has been hardly used for decades is now their favorite room in the house. The new space is the spot where everyone hangs out and most of the family gatherings now take place in that room. Tony says, “It makes me feel really good knowing that we are a part of creating wonderful new family memories that will last a lifetime.”

The Matthews agree!

By Tony Alt, owner ARA Gallery & Interiors