Retirement never tasted so good––Lewisville Estates

Retirement Never Tasted So Good: How Dining and Nutrition Can Impact Your Retirement

Courtesy of Lewisville Estates, Denton County LIVING WELL Magazine

Nutrition may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of retirement, but it does play an enormous role in all aspects of your life. According to, “Many [senior citizens] end up not eating balanced meals. [They] fix things that are easy and quick, but don’t provide the right nutrition.” Poor nutrition can lead to a mirage of other issues, including illness, weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol, and even mental confusion and depression.

Eating alone is also linked to poor nutrition, as well as a cause for depression. When you are used to cooking for two and find yourself cooking for one, you may skip out on eating a balanced meal. “It makes a huge difference when you get residents sitting at a table together,” says gerontologist, Ashley Kraft, the Life’s Neighborhood Director at Aegis at Northgate, a Seattle assisted-living facility. Residents at senior living communities are socializing, laughing, and enjoying their meals.

Dining at senior communities is now rivaling top restaurants with their five-star meals! According to, delicious, made-to-order meals were the second biggest requirement for seniors looking to move to a senior living community. Your quality of life, as well as your physical and mental health, depends on what you eat and how much you eat at each meal. With easy access to fully prepared, well-balanced meals, seniors are more likely to eat properly and cut out the high risks associated with poor nutrition.

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