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If you’ve been putting off having any vision problems checked, now is the time to make an appointment with your ophthalmologist. Symptoms like cloudy vision, difficulty seeing at night, double vision, “halos” around light, sensitivity to light, or colors that seem dull or faded may indicate cataracts.

Cataracts are quite common, affecting about 20.5 million Americans over the age of 40.  Cataracts may progress to a certain point and then stop growing. Others develop so slowly that vision isn’t affected for a long time. Your cataracts may or may not need immediate treatment. They won’t magically disappear, but most often, cataracts can be removed, improving vision in 95% of patients.

Some people try to deal with early symptoms by wearing dark sunglasses or using a magnifier to read. That can work for a time, but a growing cataract may make it increasingly difficult to see clearly. It’s important to know that, if untreated, progressive cataracts can cause blindness.  Fortunately, treatment with advanced surgical techniques is effective in restoring clear vision in the majority of cases where no other eye diseases are present.

You might be surprised to learn that, unlike glaucoma, a cataract isn’t an actual eye disease. It’s an eye condition that results in a clouding of the lens in your eye. The main risk factor for cataracts is simply getting older, although trauma to the eye and other problems can also cause cataracts. Women develop them more frequently than men. Some people with cataracts find it increasingly difficult to drive or read or even see detailed images well. Vision problems can diminish a person’s sense of independence, preventing him or her from getting out, taking that trip or otherwise enjoying life.

Cataract surgery is the most common eye surgery performed by the ophthalmologists at RGB Eye Associates in Sherman, where the latest microsurgery techniques are utilized, dissolving the cataract and implanting a new intraocular lens through a self-sealing incision that doesn’t require stitches.  Anesthesia relieves any discomfort, but patients remain awake during the procedure.

Patients appreciate that with no-stitch cataract removal, there is frequently no need to wear an eye patch following surgery, that there is a significantly reduced surgery time and a dramatically shorter recovery time. You’re able to return to most of your daily activities with few restrictions by the very next day. There is less discomfort following surgery and fewer post-surgical problems or side effects than with previous methods of cataract removal. Of course, the most obvious advantage is the ability to see well again. Most patients report that their vision is restored in a brief period of time.

Any procedure done on your eyes is of utmost importance to you, and to us. Obviously, trust is critical where your eye health is concerned. You may be interested to know that all three ophthalmologists at RGB Eye Associates are family men who live in Texoma. Each practices medicine with a sense of gratitude for his ability to help patients and families with what are sometimes troubling symptoms. You can be assured that Dr. Burlingame, Dr. Plauche and Dr. Bossen will recommend only those procedures and treatments that are necessary to maintain your good health, offering options whenever possible. Additionally, the three physicians are men of faith, with a commitment to their communities and those they are privileged to serve.

RGB Eye Associates would like the opportunity to answer your questions about cataracts and help ensure that you are ready for that much-anticipated trip this summer. First, you’ll want to know whether you even have cataracts. If so, you’ll appreciate knowing whether they are the cause of any current vision problems. You’ll want to be advised about treatment options and receive detailed information about whatever choice is best for you.

Our physicians and staff believe that knowing your situation is such an important first step that we offer a complimentary cataract screening.

Cataract removal is an outpatient surgery performed in Sherman, giving patients the option of exceptional care without the expense or inconvenience of driving to Dallas or Oklahoma City.    You needn’t live with troubling symptoms. Or travel with them!

Call RGB Eye Associates at 903-892-3282 to schedule your appointment today. Then get ready to pack your suitcase!