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Rock On

Courtesy HearCare & Associates, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

There’s not very much that’s quiet about the Baby Boomer generation.

With a history of enjoying amplification at deafening decibels, many rockers are now experiencing some hearing loss as a result of exposure to noise, medications, certain illnesses, or genetic tendencies.

It’s estimated that more Boomers have a hearing loss than those who are over age 65. Not all of that is attributed to loud music, of course. We live in a noisy environment that can potentially damage hearing over time. It becomes a communication issue as well as a hearing problem, affecting clarity of speech and the ability to differentiate sounds.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many Boomers aren’t as reluctant to seek help for their hearing as their parents were. Technology has been a greater part of their lives and they are accustomed to getting the most from their entertainment systems, cell phones, computers, and cars. They are engaged and active and want to be a part of it all, including the ability to hear well.

Impressive new digital hearing systems offer Boomers, and just about everyone else, the opportunity to customize hearing preferences utilizing programmable technology. Far more than amplification, unwanted background noise is diminished and pure sounds are detected and transmitted with state-of-the-art technology, no matter what the listening environment.

“Lots of Baby Boomers are still in the workforce,” says Kenneth Sheppard Jr., Licensed Fitter and Dispenser of Hearing Instruments (LFDHI) at HearCare & Associates. “They enjoy active lifestyles and they want––and need––to hear well to do the things that are important to them.  The latest hearing devices raise confidence levels, as well as enhance the ability to hear.”

Many advances are associated with wireless technology that enables hearing systems to connect with phones, iPods, MP3 players, and other electronic devices via Bluetooth™. In fact, with streaming accessories, the newest hearing instruments can connect to almost any device’s audio output.

An added benefit of technology is miniaturization, so that hearing instruments are now so small they are almost invisible. Some make fashion statements as well and are worn proudly by people who enjoy “accessorizing” with vibrantly colored (even zebra patterned!) hearing devices.  “There are so many different styles available now,” says Jill Sheppard, B.S. SLP/Audiology, LFDHI. “Many people say their instruments look so much like cell phone apparatus that nobody can tell the difference.”

New features are appreciated by family members as well. One woman commented that she could now enjoy being in the same room with her husband while he watched television using his ConnectLine™, a streaming feature that allows the sound to be at a level that is comfortable for him, while she can read in total peace and quiet.

With all the good news about new developments in hearing technology, the Sheppards ask people to use caution when considering purchase of a hearing device over the Internet. Even though you may get it at a lower price, you miss having qualified professional staff set the hearing instrument to your specific needs. At HearCare, our staff is comprised of doctors of audiology and hearing instrument specialists, ready to serve you with knowledge, compassion and experience.

“We sometimes get walk-in patients who complain that they purchased online and don’t even know how to put the hearing device in their ears,” Jill says. “It’s been said many times that people shouldn’t shop for a hearing aid. They should shop for expertise. We couldn’t agree more.”

At HearCare & Associates, patients receive a thorough assessment, where an important baseline is established to monitor future changes. You receive exact fittings from knowledgeable experts, a lifetime of generous customer care, and custom programming to your optimum comfort level, as needed.

Finally, Jill says that hearing loss is a very personal circumstance, and some people have more trouble dealing with it than others. “We’re going to work with you to help you understand exactly what your situation is, telling you what options are available that best suit your hearing needs and your lifestyle. We carry all manufacturer’s models, so you have a range of choices and we’ll even let you try one and see how it works for two weeks before you make a decision.  Additionally, we’ll be here for you every step of the way, to answer questions or help ensure that you’re happy with your new ability to hear again.” 

For more information, call the experts at HearCare at 903-868-2650. They’ve been in business for over 30 years––with two locations to serve you.