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By Deanna Melnychuk, The Rolfing Centre, Scottsdale LIVING WELL Magazine

Whether you call yourself a Baby Boomer or a senior citizen, you still lead the way… to better health, vitality and wellbeing. There is no age limit on feeling good or looking good.

It may require, however, that you proactively take charge of your health. Just because you are over 60 years of age does not automatically mean that walking must be difficult, that your shoulders are stooped and your head forward, that breathing is shallow, that just getting out of bed brings aches and pains, and that activities need to be curtailed or eliminated. If any of these things are happening to you, don’t say, “I am getting older.” Now is the time to seek out a Rolfer who will work with you to bring back your vitality, flexibility, and coordination. Erase the words “tried” and “tired” from your vocabulary and enjoy your retirement years.

You may ask, “Am I too old to go through the 10 sessions of Rolfing?” Unequivocally, NO!  Structural integration, developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, enables a person’s physical structure to lengthen as the myofascial system is softened and stretched. The results are increased flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.

Rolfing can be done at any age. The only difference in working with seniors is that your Rolfer will take an extensive medical/personal history so that no aspect, which may have affected your physical structure throughout the years, is overlooked. The factors that you might wish to consider when choosing a Rolfer are (1) The Rolfer’s touch: is it sensitive, firm and yet gentle?  (2) Does the Rolfer really listen with ears and hands? (3) Does the Rolfer work at a pace that supports your physical and emotional body?

Along with Rolfing, you may wish to re-evaluate your vitamin and mineral supplementation.  Together with powerful anti-oxidants and herbal support, a once-a-day nutritional drink may be the perfect fit to an active life.

Don’t be satisfied with being a complaining couch potato. Seek out new alterative ways to create the life you wish to lead now.

Deanna Melnychuk, L.M.T., former college instructor and information technology manager for a Canadian corporation, has been a Rolfer for 18 years, and can be reached at 602-404-8685 or Learn more about Rolfing at