Ron's Carrus Story – Carrus Specialty Hospital

Ron’s Carrus Story

Chapter One

Courtesy Carrus Specialty Hospital, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

For Ron Vardeman, a popular Sherman realtor, critical illnesses happened to other people. And then, he was hospitalized. He is grateful that he stabilized sufficiently to be moved to an extraordinary specialty hospital for further treatment. His physician chose Carrus Specialty Hospital, which also includes Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital.

“When I first got to Carrus, I was in the specialty side, closely monitored,” Ron says. “During that time I was working on getting my strength back. I wanted to reduce my need for pain medication. I wanted to get back on my feet.”

Initially, Carrus helped Ron establish a daily routine, an important step toward normalcy.  “Everybody encouraged me,” Ron says, smiling. “They’d tell me, ‘You’re looking better today than you did yesterday!’ or ‘The sparkle in your eyes is brighter now than it was this morning!’  Words like that gave me hope.”

Hope is an essential part of the comprehensive, integrated care Carrus Specialty Hospital provides for patients who have a serious illness or injury. They may be dependent on a ventilator, need extensive wound care, or require treatment for respiratory failure. Often their medical needs are serious and complex.

Patients at Carrus receive specialized medical treatments and therapies in a beautiful new facility with private rooms and four landscaped courtyards. An interdisciplinary team is equipped with the latest technology to meet medical challenges with advanced techniques. It’s a welcoming atmosphere intended to minimize stress and create opportunities for healing.

“One of the things I liked best was the quiet,” Ron says. “There wasn’t a PA system going constantly and it was very restful.” In that environment, Ron experienced great care, from everyone. “I can’t say enough good things about Carrus. Even the food was great!”

Ron remained in Carrus Specialty Hospital for about a month before moving to the other side of the facility, Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital. “At that point,” Ron says with obvious enthusiasm, “I was on my way back to normal – back to home.”

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