New Service Gives Seniors a “Choice” for Assisted Living:

New Local Service Gives Area Seniors a “Choice” for Assisted Living:

Choice Connections provides Free Referrals to families who need to make tough decisions

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As the number of seniors in America is expected to double to 70 million in the near future, the number of family members faced with the awesome responsibility of caring for aging loved ones will continue to skyrocket. Many of these families face the stress of thinking about where their loved ones can go when they can no longer safely stay at home. Issues with services, location, and price all weigh heavily on this decision.

Choice Connections is a new service in the area that provides FREE consultation to families in this time of confusion. Choice Connections, a growing national organization, will sit down with your family and discuss the specific needs that you are concerned about. They arrange tours and meetings with homes that are the size and makeup that will be the best fit to meet those specific needs a family’s loved one.

“We realize the enormous stress and mixture of emotions that families face when it comes to caring for a loved one,” says Stephen Bright, executive director. “When a family member has to leave their home, it is often because it’s no longer safe to be there. Our goal is to help families make an educated decision so when they do have to make a change, the senior and the entire family is satisfied that the right home was found.”

Choice Connections has a placement staff that is available to meet the family at the place of their choosing to assess their loved one’s situation. They will take into account physical condition, social interaction, meal requirements, medication, and most of all, cost.

“National studies consistently show that more than 95% of seniors, age 75 and older, want to stay in the privacy of their own homes,” adds Bright, who is also the owner of Comfort Keepers Home Care. “With 75% of baby boomers nearing retirement within the next decade, the growth of this population is amazing. We want to honor this generation’s wish to stay at home as long as possible. But when the time comes to keep them safe and secure, we thought it was just as important to find them the right home, taking into account all that makes them content and keeps them secure.”

About Choice Connections

Choice Connections is a FREE senior housing advisory service. Whether you are looking for assisted living, residential care, independent living, nursing home or Alzheimer’s/dementia care, the search to find the “perfect fit” home has never been simpler. Our team of experienced, compassionate senior care experts will help you explore and understand the most appropriate care and funding options.

Because we are a community-based service, Choice Connections has extensive knowledge of the local senior care industry, which allows us to save families time and stress. Our consultants are familiar with each community’s ability to accommodate various needs, the amenities offered, and the range of costs for each. Using this knowledge, Choice Connections can identify those communities that will best meet your needs.

Our unbiased guidance will give you the information you need to make an educated decision so your loved one can find the perfect place to call home. Need more assistance? Expanded services are available…it’s your Choice! You are never alone. At Choice Connections, we take pride in personally guiding our clients every step of the way.

For more information contact a Choice Connections Senior Care Consultant at 913-815-4052 or visit