Sleep well…Breathe well…Be well ™

Sleep well…Breathe well…Be well ™

By Anna Campo, Access Respiratory, New Orleans LIVING WELL Magazine

Sleep well…Chronically poor sleep makes for overall poor health. Days are spent exhausted, cranky, and generally non-productive. It is vital that one take the time to examine the true source of poor sleep. It could be as simple as a bad pillow or mattress that creates discomfort. Take the time to examine your pillow and mattress. Is your pillow over one year old? It is time to get a new one. Does it keep your neck in proper alignment? If not, a neck pillow may be the answer.  Is your mattress so old you wake up with body aches? You may want to consider a Tempurpedic ProHealthCore exclusively available from Home Medical Equipment Providers.

Poor sleep can also be attributed to allergies and bedding can aggravate allergies. Do you have a quality air purifier and mattress/pillow allergen barriers? Poor sleep can also be non-physical.  Take the time to examine the various nonprescription herbal supplements available and consult with your physician for prescription medications. Most importantly, poor sleep may be caused by a medical condition known as sleep apnea which can lead to everything from car crashes to heart disease. Ask your physician to assess you for this condition. If diagnosed with a form of sleep apnea, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of an experienced homecare respiratory therapist with access to a complete line of CPAP equipment and masks to insure proper treatment and adherence to therapy.

Breathe well…Breathing is life. ‘When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters’ (ALA). Many individuals who have difficulty breathing can be assisted by medical equipment: home oxygen, ventilators, nebulizers, airway clearance devices, suction machines and more.  While much of the equipment can be purchased or rented at any home medical equipment company, the service behind the equipment is of the utmost importance. A quality company will service, maintain the equipment and follow up with you to insure a positive outcome. Be aware, you have a choice in providers. If it is recommended by your doctor that you receive medical equipment or you are searching for a provider, choose someone reputable and known for excellent patient care. Choose a local company whose owners are available and take responsibility for their service. Ask around. A company’s reputation speaks for itself.

Be well…Being well and living life to the fullest is how we all want to spend our days. Some may need help with mobility, nutrition, comfort, activities of daily living, or safety in the home. Caregivers may need assistance with parents, relatives or friends. Lift chairs, scooters, pillows, cushions, walkers, rollators, rails, bath safety, nutritional assistance, hospital beds and wheelchairs are all available to assist with your safety and well being.

For over 10 years, Access Respiratory Homecare has proven itself to be the highest quality provider in the community. Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare, Access Respiratory Homecare operates a comprehensive Sleep and Wellness Center and Equipment Showroom at 4031 Veterans Blvd. It is staffed by five respiratory therapists and seven customer service professionals providing expert assistance in the selection and use of products. In the Wellness Center, try the equipment before you buy. Home delivery and insurance billing are available. The store features a complete CPAP department with a variety of CPAP units, masks, accessories, fitting rooms, and a respiratory therapist always on premises and always on call.   We carry a variety of lift chairs, pillows, TemPurPedic mattresses, allergy products, scooters, bath safety, walk in tubs, wheelchairs and more.

Call us at 504-456-9355 or drop by and see us at 4031 Veterans Blvd. in Metairie. You can also reach us on the web at or on Facebook. Stay well!