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Senior Communities Offer Menu of Amenities and Services

By Carolyne Kennedy, The Springs of Scottsdale, Scottsdale LIVING WELL Magazine

There’s no denying that most people enjoy retirement but the process of aging has its challenges. Changes in our health or financial circumstances, or the death of a spouse can mean facing some tough choices. Sometimes that leads to another major life event: a household move.

When looking to downsize, move closer to family, or get more help with everyday living, many seniors opt for communities that offer a range of independent and assisted living services and amenities that will meet their changing needs.

The Assisted Living Federation of America urges seniors to do some research before moving, in order to make informed decisions.

Make a checklist of your lifestyle requirements, and then look for a community that best meets those needs. Look at the overall environment and physical features, social and recreational options, food service, and the community’s ability to meet your current and future needs. Most people end up choosing a community within six miles of their home or their children.

For an insider’s view, seek advice from a physician or professional caregiver. They work with patients in a variety of living situations and know the benefits of senior living communities.

Ofa Papua, CNA, an independent caregiver, says, “Every situation is different, but caregivers are often the early warning system. We may be the first to notice that a client is no longer able to cope on their own.”

Papua, who has worked as a caregiver for 18 years, says some seniors living alone may be lonely and may not be eating well. Many need help with daily living tasks like medication, hygiene, shopping and home maintenance.

“A senior living community allows people to live independently, but they get the monitoring and assistance they need,” says Papua. “I believe it improves their health and well-being because they’re no longer overwhelmed.”

Independent and assisted living communities, with their infinite combinations of services and amenities, provide a safe and secure haven for cherished loved ones and relief for their families.

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