No-Stitch Cornea Transplantation

No-stitch Cornea Transplantation

Satya Reddy, MD, Louisiana Cornea Specialists, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine (formerly SENIOR Magazine)

Corneal guttata is a condition that affects one in 1,000 people in which the inside layer of cells (the endothelium) of the cornea malfunction (the cornea is the clear dome that comprises the front surface of the eye and consists of three basic layers). […]


Aging and the Eyes

Aging and the Eyes As birthdays accumulate and wisdom grows, our bodies change as well. Starting from our 40s and going forward our eyes mature and exhibit some decline in function. Some changes are normal […]


The Joy of Seeing Well––RGB Eye Associates

We’ve all heard the adage that seeing is believing. At RGB Eye Associates in Sherman, we believe seeing well enhances quality of life. For many patients, cataract surgery gives them a chance to see well, with better vision than they have enjoyed for many years. When they talk about the experience, some patients characterize it as life changing, saying they wish they had made the decision to have the procedure done sooner. […]