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DATCU Credit Union: Are your financial affairs in order? LIVING WELL Magazine

Are Your Financial Affairs In Order?

Important information for seniors and their children
Courtesy DATCU Credit Union, Denton LIVING WELL Magazine
Remember that old cliché that there are two things for certain in this life … taxes and death. Unfortunately, this is true. The reality is that death will come to all of us. Young or old, being financially prepared is critical. […]

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Terry Lockridge & Dunn on reaching your retirement goals – LIVING WELL Magazine

Reaching Your Retirement Goals

By Timothy F. Terry, Founder, Terry Lockridge & Dunn / World Trend Financial, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine
We rarely hear: “I realize it is a little early to be planning for my retirement…”

Planning usually starts a few years before the big day. It should actually get under way many years earlier. In fact, your first day of work is the best time to begin. […]