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Hospice: A benefit covered by Medicare and Medicaid – VNA, LIVING WELL Magazine

Hospice: A Benefit Covered by Medicare and Medicaid

By Robert Smith, VNA, Collin LIVING WELL Magazine
Often patients and their families are reluctant to discuss the option of hospice care with the physician when confronted with the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Don’t be hesitant to do so. Sometimes physicians and clinicians fail to suggest hospice until the patient is near death and the benefits are lost to the patient and loved ones. Your discussion with your physician about hospice should include your right to choose the agency you prefer. Remember, hospice is a service covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurance companies. […]

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Families talk about Home Hospice of Grayson – LIVING WELL Magazine

Families Talk about Home Hospice
By Sherry Little, Home Hospice of Grayson, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine
We are honored family members of our patients tell our story with such gratitude. Their actual experiences demonstrate the difference Home Hospice makes in the lives of patients and those who love them. The statement we hear most often is, “We wish we had put Dad on service with you earlier.” While some of the focus of hospice is dying well, the primary focus is living each and every day. […]

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Victory Home Health & Hospice explains why you need the flu shot – LIVING WELL Magazine

Why You Need The Flu Shot!

By Joan Weems, RN, Victory Home Health & Hospice, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine
Every year in the U.S., on average:

Five to 20% of the population get the flu.
Approximately four million children get the flu.
$1.7 billion is spent on medical costs for children with the flu and an additional $2.1 billion is spent in indirect costs like missing work to care for […]

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Victory Home Health & Hospice on What is Hospice? – LIVING WELL Magazine

What Is Hospice?

Joan Weems, RN, Owner/Administrator Victory Home Health & Hospice, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

What is hospice? That is a question I am often asked. It is difficult to explain in a very few words, but hospice is an approach to healthcare that is designed to support the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of those who have life-limiting illnesses or conditions. […]