The Perfect Fit–Customizing Your Knee Replacement Surgery–Dr. Richard G. Buch

People living with advanced knee arthritis often experience severe pain when climbing stairs, exercising or even just walking. Medication, physical therapy, and injections are commonly prescribed to treat the pain associated with arthritis, but these options often provide only short term or partial relief. For many patients a knee replacement is the only option left. […]

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Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake on how to treat knee arthritis – LIVING WELL Magazine

Knee Arthritis

Courtesy O. David Taunton, Jr., M.D., Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake, Denton LIVING WELL Magazine
Knee and hip arthritis are common causes of treatable pain in today’s society and, in fact, are becoming more common as baby boomers age. While knee arthritis is almost three times more common than hip arthritis, the pain from either can range from being an occasional irritant to completely debilitating. There are a number of causes of knee arthritis as well as several treatment options, which will be discussed in this article. […]