Allen Family Funeral Options asks, “Whose Job is it, anyway?”

Whose Job Is It, Anyway?
By Rick Allen, Allen Family Funeral Options, Collin LIVING WELL Magazine

I am becoming more and more supportive of the concept of cutting out the middleman. Often this can make a product or service more affordable. It also seems like we are getting less and less service from service providers these days, so you wonder just what are we paying for when a third party is involved? […]


Sharon Stone: A Star Reborn

A Star is Reborn: Sharon Stone is poised for her Hollywood comeback. By Michelle Talsma Everson When many people think of actress Sharon Stone’s leading roles, they might think back to Basic Instinct, which was […]

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Asking the Right Questions about COPD

Courtesy Lung Institute Knowing what to ask medical professionals can be challenging, but a solid understanding helps people make informed decisions. The Lung Institute’s Dallas Medical Director Sreedevi Marakatham, MD, addresses some of these questions […]