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Meet New Dawn Memory Care's Edmarie Meaux

East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine sits down with New Dawn Memory Care’s President & Chief Operating Officer Edmarie Meaux. She brings 15 years experience providing compassionate and adaptive patient care to New Dawn. Fluent in English and Spanish, Edmarie earned her nursing degree from the University of Puerto Rico. Following graduation, she undertook internships at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, San Juan Capestrano Hospital, the University Hospital of Puerto Rico and Cariño Home Care. Her internships included the fields of mental health and geriatrics. […]

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Alzheimer Care

Improving the resident experience through technology –– New Dawn Memory Care

Improving the resident experience through technology
New Dawn Memory Care is building upon cutting-edge technology to better resident care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine

Innovative uses of technology offer many exciting possibilities for better care and improved quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their family members. […]

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Local Editions

East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine brings attention to New Dawn Memory Care's technology

New Dawn Memory Care highlights their cutting-edge technology in East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine article

Scott Steele, publisher of East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine, received this note from Edmarie Meaux, president of New Dawn Memory Care
“Thanks for all the help we loved the article!! Chris and Brandon worked numerous hours on getting the article on our website and we have gotten a lot of great feedback from our families, friends and investors, we look forward to your team sending Chris and Brandon the link so we can post it on our Facebook page, Linkden and website , I have copied them on this email for your reference, I’m very proud of our Technology Team, as the article states, Chris Wharle, CIO, has helped us develop numerous programs that have helped New Dawn excell on the care we provide for our Alzheimer’s residents, again thanks for all the help hope you and your family have a great holiday season and cheers to the new year.” […]

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New Dawn Memory Care: An Intimate Look at Alzheimer's Disease – LIVING WELL Magazine

An Intimate Look at Alzheimer’s Disease

By Edmarie Meaux, New Dawn Memory Care, East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine
Medicine with all its improvements and technological advances is still an inexact science and the faith in each individual to achieve an answer to the mysterious road to a healthy mind and body often remains elusive for patients, families and health care professionals. […]