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The Tradition Prestonwood on learning more about your medicare rights – LIVING WELL Magazine

Learn More About Your Medicare Rights!
Courtesy The Tradition Prestonwood, Collin LIVING WELL Magazine
With all the discussion about possible future changes in Medicare and concerns that many seniors have about potential changes, it’s important to keep in mind the rights that Medicare beneficiaries already have. Many people who have been receiving Medicare for many years are still unaware of the important rights they have. […]

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Denver Home Helpers: Don't fall this winter – LIVING WELL Magazine


By Rick Cseak, Owner/CEO, Denver Home Helpers, East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine
What type of injury is most prevalent among older adults (those 65 or older)? If you guessed falls, you’re absolutely right. Falls are the leading cause of injury for older adults in the U.S. Last year over two million nonfatal fall injuries were treated in emergency departments, resulting in over 600,000 patients that were hospitalized (CDC). […]

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Assisted Living

Monticello West on one man's journey – LIVING WELL Magazine

One Man’s Journey

Courtesy of Monticello West, Three Fountains and Signature Pointe on the Lake, North Dallas LIVING WELL Magazine
I was sitting in my office about six months ago when I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Howard Peck. Unfortunately, Mr. Peck had recently had a stroke and needed to make decisions regarding housing, healthcare and transportation. Mr. Peck’s journey is both informative and inspirational. He has agreed to let me share it with you. […]

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Spectrum Properties talks retirement communities – LIVING WELL Magazine

Take care of the residents as if they are family. It’s that simple.
By Emily Valentino, Spectrum Properties, LTD, North Dallas LIVING WELL Magazine

When looking at your options for senior living, it’s always important to look at the amenities, the location and the price, but most people forget the most vital service. It’s one that cannot be copied, marketed or researched on the internet. The single most essential aspect of any community is the staff. […]

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The Springs of Scottsdale on senior communities – LIVING WELL Magazine

Senior Communities Offer Menu of Amenities and Services

By Carolyne Kennedy, The Springs of Scottsdale, Scottsdale LIVING WELL Magazine
There’s no denying that most people enjoy retirement but the process of aging has its challenges. Changes in our health or financial circumstances, or the death of a spouse can mean facing some tough choices. Sometimes that leads to another major life event: a household move. […]

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How to manage stress – Parkview in Frisco, LIVING WELL Magazine

Managing Stress

By Shirley Long, Parkview in Frisco, Collin LIVING WELL Magazine

The medical profession has recognized that stress can cause numerous health issues to develop or can exacerbate existing ones. So how do we prevent stress from occurring? Well, unfortunately, the answer is “we can’t.” Though we can’t avoid stress, we can certainly take steps to decrease stressful incidents and our negative reactions to them. Learning to manage stress is vital to our overall health.