Plan Now, For Later

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home Life changed during the pandemic. Because grieving is something we do together, it has been challenging to observe services in time-honored ways with numerous safety precautions in place. We all missed […]


What to Say: Part One

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home Many of us search for the right words to provide comfort to a grieving family. We want to say something meaningful. Charles Dannel, fifth-generation owner of Dannel Funeral Home, reassures us […]


Why Choose Cremation?

Why Choose Cremation? Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home The trend continues. Cremation, a centuries old funeral rite, is increasingly chosen by individuals and families as an option that provides greater flexibility, allowing families to honor loved […]

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Families deciding together – Dannel Funeral Home, LIVING WELL Magazine,

Families Deciding Together
Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine
When a death occurs, families gather. Frequently, they must respond quite suddenly. Perhaps they travel long distances. In the midst of their grief, they must make approximately 300 decisions about services and disposition. Ideally, there are pre-arrangements that serve as an invaluable guide. So often, though, without knowing exact wishes, family members struggle with the right choices to honor their loved one and bring comfort to everyone else. […]