Talented for a Lifetime––Legacy Assisted Living & Memory Care

Talented for a Lifetime

Courtesy Legacy Assisted Living & Memory Care, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

Some of us are born with outstanding talents and others with quieter gifts. Some of us cultivate those abilities and others simply enjoy them. Remarkable talents may be somewhat diminished by dementia or advancing age, but many times glimpses of those skills remain for a lifetime.

At Legacy Assisted Living and Memory Care in Denison, we value the uniqueness of every resident, continually recognizing, encouraging and appreciating talents in numerous ways.  Whether gathering for a sing-a-long at the piano or nurturing tender plants in the courtyard garden, our staff and trained volunteers assist residents in pursuing talents that bring joy to life.

It’s an important part of our philosophy that goes beyond the commitment to providing exceptional care to celebrating life. Because Legacy is a small facility with a high ratio of staff to residents, we function as a family, engaging in activities and conversations that are meaningful.

“Life is about experiences,” says Steve Streun, owner and administrator. “Legacy is our residents’ home and we value the same things that traditional families love––things like talking together, home-style food, group gatherings, and individual attention.”

“Sometimes society forgets that every person has worth, no matter what his or her age or condition,” says Streun. “Our personal spiritual beliefs are that every person has worth––everyone needs a reason to live.”

That commitment includes providing residents an environment where they can lead productive, purposeful lives every day. At Legacy, located among beautiful trees and natural vistas in north Denison, residents enjoy secure areas, indoors and out. Each resident has a private room that includes a bathroom, closet and a great exterior view.

All residents receive housekeeping and laundry services, as well as transportation and escort services. They also enjoy access to the TMC community wellness swimming pool. Legacy also provides assistance with medication, cable television and wireless internet, a hair and nail grooming station, and a luxurious private spa room with a “rising wall” tub.

In addition, Legacy is equipped with the latest technology to support residents and help ensure optimal safety. One of those measures is Intel-GE Care Innovations™ QuietCare®, which monitors resident activity unobtrusively, without disruption or invading privacy. The technology senses and records movement patterns and communicates unusual changes to staff who can respond quickly to potentially urgent situations.

“It provides an extraordinary continuity of services that helps our residents feel more secure,” says Streun. The data generated by the system can also provide families with an additional assessment tool to help gauge how their loved one is doing.

The wireless system is installed in the resident’s room at Legacy, without using phone or cable lines. The small device is almost undetectable and goes unnoticed by most residents. It’s important to note that no cameras or microphones are used. The added sense of security often helps residents feel more independent and less at-risk.

Residents come to Legacy from their homes, hospitals, other facilities, or based on a physician referral. Currently, facilities like Legacy are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, although long-term care insurance may provide benefits. “A concern some people have is paying for care,” Streun says. “We’ll help direct them to a number of possible options that might help.”

Streun wants people to know that Legacy is privately owned, so it isn’t a part of a multi-region corporate structure. When families look for the ideal place for a loved one, priorities often include quality of care, small settings with generous staff-to-resident ratios, beautiful facilities, and competitive pricing. Streun believes Legacy has all of that and more.

Owners Steve and Kimberly Streun invite guests to come sit on the front porch, tour the garden, walk about the facility and enjoy the company of great people in a gentle, peaceful setting.

Call Legacy at 903-337-1625 for more information.