Technology Sleep Systems

John Wilkinson, developer of the self adjusting, clinically proven, patented sleep system, has made it possible for you to have a pressure-free spinal-supported sleep. This technology has been used for several years in hospitals and nursing homes to improve comfort and eliminate pressure points for patients. This system is also used in hospitality facilities such as the Hilton Garden Inns world wide, which have many returning guests because of the comfort of their Natural Form Sleep Systems.

Some of the world’s most prestigious health care facilities such as Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital both of New York City, and Emory Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia as well as hundreds of acute care centers worldwide have the self-adjusting technology sleep systems. Doctors who are aware of the many benefits of the Natural Form Sleep System, when asked, “Doctor, what mattress do you recommend?” are quick to recommend it to their patients.

The Natural Form pressure relieving system excels in performance because of the nine individual air cylinders on each side of the bed, and the patented system of air intake and release valves. These valves allow the mattress to conform precisely to a person’s unique weight and shape. There are no noisy air pumps, and no other gimmicky features. Just a simple, clinically proven technology that gently supports the body in perfect spinal alignment, no matter what the sleeping position is.

The removable and washable 100% virgin Australian wool cover wicks moisture from the body, thus keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A three inch foam topper rests on the air cylinders to further enhance body alignment and evenly distribute body weight. The easy-to-use adjustment controls allow each individual to dial in individual comfort levels. The sleep system has a luxurious quilted cover for protection and a quality finish.

Dr. Duane Smith, an alternative holistic health care provider for over 30 years, is using his experience and knowledge to combine the Natural Form Sleep System with the whole body vibration technology as an in-home “use before sleeping” procedure. Its use adds not only to the quality of sleep on the Natural Form Sleep System, but also facilitates healing other neuro-vascular conditions while sleeping.

When whole body vibration is done on a teeter-totter style unit on low speeds and mild intensity, the body realigns and repositions itself toward center and balance. This motion relaxes tight sore muscles, aligns vertebrae, and increases circulation. Generally one feels more balanced, relaxed, and lighter after using the whole body vibration (WBV), thus facilitating restful sleep.

Research documents several other benefits beyond better rest and sleep, including decreased fall risk, reduced risk of bone fracture, improved equilibrium, posture control in Parkinson’s disease and unilateral chronic stroke victims, to name a few.

Regularly scheduled public workshops are held at the Natural Form show room. Dr Smith gives individual, condition-specific instruction on the use of whole body vibration. Other conditions such as disk degeneration, back and neck pain, weight loss, sluggish metabolism, and lymphatic system cleansing are also addressed.

Experience has shown that regular use of the whole body vibration protocol as taught by Dr Smith, promote speedy improvement in overall health, wellness, and function: while the Natural Form sleep systems allows for the best possible night’s sleep giving your body the energy it needs to cope with stress, solve problems and recover from illness.

To personally experience either system, or to be assessed to find out how you might benefit from their use, call Dr Smith at 719-210-5914 or email him at For whole body vibration information call 888-639-7750 or visit