Time to Enjoy Retirement––Parkview in Frisco

Time to Enjoy Retirement

By Shirley Long, Collin County, LIVING WELL Magazine

Our psychological well-being is affected when major events occur in our life. Retirement, changes in our health, happy events or tragedies in our family, national or world crisis, or financial concerns may affect our well-being.

Let’s look at retirement. Depending on how you view this occurrence, it can be either a day of celebration or it can be a dreaded curse. Our time no longer is decided by our employer…it now belongs to us! This can be a wonderful, exhilarating feeling of freedom. Or, it can bring uncertainty and a feeling of loss. No matter which attitude you adopt (sometimes it is a little of both), you now have to plan how to fill those new-found hours and days. You need to find ways to keep busy.

It has been proven that staying socially active is imperative to staying healthy. Research has shown that people who are isolated or have little contact with other people are at a much greater risk of developing memory loss; whereas, people with the greatest interaction with others are more likely to retain cognitive functioning.

You would think it would be easy to think of ways to keep busy and to be socially active. But this is not always the case. I could expound on the numerous ways to build that social circle and how to fill your hours and days; however, for this article, I will just suggest one avenue. Consider moving to a retirement community. You will be surrounded by many new friends, your calendar will be filled with more choices than you can possibly do, you can enjoy delicious dining, you will have activities and services conveniently located in your new community––the list goes on. Visit an independent senior community near you. You will be amazed at what your life could be!

Shirley Long is marketing manager at Parkview in Frisco, an all-inclusive lifestyle community for seniors located at 7450 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75034. For more information, call 972-377-6744 or visit www.parkviewinfrisco.com.