Today is the Day to Make a Change

perfect teeth

By John Shoemaker, DDS, DICOI

Imagine feeling the freedom to smile, laugh, and enjoy a quality of life that you felt was gone forever. My dental procedures can get you back to living your life to the fullest.

There are many concerns with dentistry such as an extreme fear of the dentist, missing teeth, dentures that don’t work, teeth that are a complete mess, loss of self esteem, the feeling of being incomplete, problems eating and speaking, worsening medical conditions because of poor nutrition, and inadequate digestion of food that I can help solve with my special methods of dentistry. I can solve your dental problems and have you back on the road to perfect dental health and wellness again!

Waiting to move forward with your dental care is a major problem! The longer you put off a consultation and treatment, the greater your chances are of not being eligible for care; quite literally the clock is ticking. If you want to benefit from the latest dental advances, the very best thing you can do for yourself is come into our office for a 15-minute consultation to discuss your options!

Due to very high demand for my expertise, and because my team and I ensure that each patient is properly cared for, my team and I have a limited number of consultation appointments and treatment times available. The bottom line is that the sooner you call the better your chances are at securing a time slot.

I’ve included photographs with this article of a few of my patients who at one time felt they “couldn’t be fixed,” but who are now living life to its fullest. Take one look and you can see how life changing the advancements in dentistry, including dental implants, can be. These patients went from thinking that there was no hope, to finding a solution that brought them back to the form that God originally gave them.

Yes, it is expensive to get back what you’ve lost…but you really can’t afford not to…

The truth is that dentistry that permanently solves serious problems is expensive; however, this is one investment that will pay dividends into your physical and mental health and wellbeing 24 all day, every day, for the rest of your life. How many things can you spend your valuable money on that come close to delivering those same promises? By now, you probably realize that you really cannot afford not to do this for yourself.

Why Wait?

The most important thing I can tell you is that the longer you put off seeking a solution to your problems, not only will it become more difficult, complicated, painful and expensive to find a workable solution, but there will come a point when there is no solution. In the past few months, I have seen patients that made what they thought were rational decisions. They put things off and missed their last chance for a solution, and now are miserable. It breaks my heart to tell a patient that if they had acted a few months before, I could have taken them from being a “disaster” to a happy patient with a strong healthy bite and beautiful smile.

The Best Day is Today

Knowing all of these things, why would any patient put things off with the new advancements in dentistry are possible? Here’s why. It is human nature to stubbornly resist change, even when it will profoundly benefit your whole life and health. We make excuses that attempt to justify why it isn’t a good time to take action to regain your dental health. The most common excuse is, “the time is not quite right.” Your first step is a 15 minute “talking” visit in my office to briefly discuss the benefit of our advanced options for your individual situation. Making the appointment for that first visit is hard, but not impossible, and of course, the 15 minute consultation is complimentary.

Please do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the latest in treatment options and most importantly, do not allow yourself to become a patient that even I cannot help. Keep your hopes alive!

Call Tammy at 903-893-7753 now to discuss how to get your dental health back and once again look and feel as special as you really are. Visit our website for more information at