Transforming Care with Technology and Trust––Legacy Assisted Living

Transforming Care with Technology and Trust

By Legacy Assisted Living & Memory Care, Legacy Assisted Living, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine 

The most vigilant caregivers can’t be everywhere at all times. Vulnerable residents and their families are justifiably concerned about occurrences like falls, wandering at night, or early signs of illness. At Legacy Assisted Living and Memory Care in Denison, Steve Streun, owner and administrator, is pleased to announce a new monitoring option that senses activity unobtrusively, without disrupting the resident or invading privacy. It records patterns of normal activity and alerts staff when variances occur.

“We invested in Intel-GE Care Innovations™ QuietCare® because it provides an extraordinary continuity of service, notifying staff of problems or even potential problems so our response is proactive and our residents feel more secure,” Streun says. “It senses, and records movement patterns and communicates normal, as well as unusual, changes to staff who can respond quickly to potentially urgent situations. The data also helps provide families with an additional assessment tool to gauge how their loved one is doing.”

Valuable at any time, QuietCare® is especially useful when a resident has dementia or Alzheimer’s and may not be able to communicate readily. For instance, if a resident’s usual pattern was to get up once  nightly to use the bathroom, but suddenly begins to make multiple trips in one night, the information will be transmitted to a secure server, where caregivers can take action to learn whether the resident may be disoriented, adversely reacting to medication, showing symptoms of illness, or experiencing another type of problem.

The wireless system is installed in the resident’s room at Legacy, without using phone or cable lines. The small device is almost undetectable and goes unnoticed by most residents. It’s important to note that no cameras or microphones are used. The added sense of security often helps residents feel more independent and less at-risk.

“The QuietCare® technology enhances the wellbeing of our residents,” Streun says. “These are important tools that support our high standards of excellence, allowing us to bring both high-tech and high-touch to our residents.”

It aligns beautifully with Legacy’s mission of helping residents live meaningfully, with purpose and productivity. “Every person has worth and deserves to have a reason to get up in the morning,” Streun says. “Our goal is to provide a secure, enjoyable environment and to engage residents and the community in beneficial activities.”

One of the most popular areas is their raised garden located within the gated area behind the facility. For many residents, gardening is almost a therapy, quieting the mind and giving purpose and sequence to activity. Plans to include community volunteers in gardening and other programs enhance the experiences even more.

“Life is about experiences,” Streun continues. “Legacy is our residents’ home and we value the same things that traditional families love—things like good conversation, home-style food, group gatherings, and individual attention.”

When families look for the ideal place for a loved one, those kinds of values are frequently discussed. Additionally, their priorities include quality of care, small settings with generous staff-to-resident ratios, beautiful facilities, and competitive pricing.

Residents come to Legacy from their homes, hospitals, other facilities, or based on a physician referral. Currently, facilities like Legacy are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, although long-term care insurance may provide benefits. “A concern some people have is paying for care,” Streun says. “We’ll help direct them to a number of possible options that might help.”

Streun wants people to know that Legacy is privately owned, so it isn’t a part of a multi-region corporate structure. Owners Steve and Kimberly Streun are available and accessible. They are deeply committed to their residents and the community, with many years of experience in the field. Together, they align their spiritual beliefs with their business.

They invite guests to come sit on the front porch, tour the garden, walk about the facility and enjoy the company of great people in a gentle, peaceful setting. Visitors can see for themselves how Legacy, and the new QuietCare® system, operate and learn first-hand about the benefits of combining advanced technology with loving care.

Call Legacy at 903-337-1625 for more information.