The Views Senior Living Community: Social Issues Play an Integral Part in Seniors' Health

Social Issues Play an Integral Part in Seniors’ Health

By Angie McClure, The Views Senior Living Community, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

We all hear about how important a balanced diet and participation in regular exercise is in maintaining a healthy life. However, the other piece to this puzzle, that is often overlooked, is how social issues can have a significant impact on life and both the physical and mental health of seniors. These social issues can cause a spiral affect that contributes to an unhealthy diet and lack of energy or motivation to exercise or get out and about. As you or your loved one prepare for the golden years, look at these contributors to social problems:

  • Social isolation and loneliness from losing a spouse
  • Feeling inadequate or burdensome to children
  • Boredom from a lack of routine activities
  • Inability to accept medical or physical changes or limitations
  • Losing your driver’s license
  • Inability to manage daily activities

For seniors these can have an even more noticeable impact on their over-all well-being. Acknowledging these problems is very important in determining what changes can be made to ensure a healthy lifestyle as you or your loved ones age. Educating yourself about your options is paramount. Many local organizations partner together to educate the community and to provide the appropriate solution for every unique situation. Whether it’s simply providing a companion or assisting with daily living tasks, pulling resources to create personalized care at home or in a senior community is the key.

Angie McClure is director of community relations for The Views Senior Living Community. You may reach her at 319-390-7000.

Contact Angie McClure at 319-390-7000 if your organization would like to hold an educational presentation specific to elder care or if you or someone you know could benefit from education in this area.