Volunteering Serves our Heart and Helps Others

By Tamera Whitlow, LVN, USAF

Volunteers! When I hear the word, it reminds me of a family. People doing things that benefit others, unconditionally, with a smile on their faces. Each day, somewhere, volunteers give of their time, expertise, and wisdom to help make life better. It is the best feeling in the world, making a difference for others. Volunteers often say, “I get so much out of volunteering; it gave me a purpose and changed my life.”

I had a mentor tell me during my nursing career, that losing ourselves in helping others allows us to discover our own happiness, and he was right! I can honestly say working with our volunteers has brought much insight and happiness to my life. Each volunteer has taught me something I needed to learn or hear. I love my job working with the most compassionate, caring, and devoted group of volunteers.

And what a difference they make in our Home Hospice organization, from patient support to auxiliary member to helping with our resale store. They have become part of our family, working side by side together to achieve the same goal––assist our community, where everyone facing serious illness and loss will experience the best possible quality of life. As a nonprofit hospice, volunteers are so important in allowing us to care for more people in our community.

We recruit and train our volunteers based on their interest. For instance, if they like reading or talking to others, they may train as patient support. Or, if they enjoy hands-on activities, our office and resale store may be a place of service for them. Volunteers are truly part of our family and each is appreciated for all their hard work and dedication. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us at 903-868-9315 or 940-665-9891. Thank you for all you do and for all the lives you help us touch!