What is Neuropathy?

The lowdown on neuropathy.

Neuropathy is simply nerve damage. Nerves are the electrical wiring in your body responsible for many things, including sensation.

Neuropathy is a disease usually affecting the extremities (arms and legs), hence the term Peripheral Neuropathy (PN). Although PN is one of the most common diseases, most people are unaware of it. PN affects upwards of 20 million Americans, including 10% of the Medicare population. Symptoms include tingling, burning, numbness and pain in the feet, legs, and hands.

PN is most commonly caused by diabetes, but it can also be the result of chemotherapy, reaction to certain medications. One big category is called Idiopathic PN, which means it’s impossible to determine exactly what caused the nerve damage.

Traditionally, doctors have treated PN with oral medications, Anodyne®, and even surgery. But each of these has serious drawbacks. Oral medications help with the pain, but they never repair the nerve damage. Anodyne has been proven completely ineffective. Surgery is successful, but with any invasive procedure, there are associated risks.

Now, a new type of treatment is available producing tremendous results. This treatment, called VST Myodynamic® therapy, provides a safe, pain-free, non-invasive method to repair the nerve damage from PN. After treatment is completed, patients state their pain is significantly reduced and both their balance and sleep are improved. Most important, patients treated with VST Myodynamic Device report their overall quality of life is vastly improved. These results have been shown to be long lasting.

One patient, a 56 year old diabetic from Denton, had PN pain and slept poorly for nine years. After VST therapy, his pain is completely gone and sleep quality restored and the changes are still present three years after therapy was completed. Another, a 64 year old patient from Pilot Point, had PN pain from chemotherapy along with balance problems. After VST therapy, her pain is 100% gone and she feels her balance is back to normal. Another diabetic, 88 years old from Sanger had severe PN pain for six years requiring daily pain medication and high dosages of Neurontin. After VST therapy, his pain decreased by 85% and he was able to stop taking both medications.

Overall peripheral neuropathy is a debilitating disease affecting millions of people. Most patients have been told by their doctors that treatment options are limited and not very successful. With the emergence of the NASA-developed VST therapy, PN patients for the first time can be truly helped with significant pain reduction and improvement in quality of life.

Additional information can be obtained from Scientific Therapy at 972-867-0600.