What to Look Out For When Hiring a Caregiver

Before you hire a caregiver to come into your home, determine the agency you are working with performs these important hiring practices:

  • Look for an agency that lets you choose your caregiver. It is important to match the needs of the care recipient to the best possible caregiver. Work with an agency that wants your participation in the selection process. You choose the caregiver that you and your loved one will feel comfortable with and enjoy spending time with.
  • Look out for an agency that just assigns you a caregiver. You need to be able to choose the person who your loved one will be spending time with, not just stuck with the one an agency has available.
  • Look for an agency that hires only experienced caregivers. Choose a company that employs caregivers who are seasoned in attending to the needs of care recipients. The company should only refer a caregiver who has the necessary qualifications to fulfill your individual needs.
  • Look out for an agency that hires and “trains” their caregivers. A quick company training program can never take the place of an experienced caregiver.  What you learn in a book can never take the place of years of experience.
  • Look for a company that requires detailed references (and checks them!). The company should have caregivers provide references from trusted sources only.
  • Look out for agencies that require minimal references.
  • Look for an agency that conducts extensive background checks and drug screening. Make sure the company does this with each and every person that will be in contact with your loved one.
  • Look out for an agency that does not do adequate background checks and does not verify information provided on the caregiver’s application.
  • Look for an agency that is employee based, where the staff is bonded, insured, covered under Worker’s Compensation, and takes care of the employee’s tax liabilities.
  • Look out for an agency that uses independent contractors, or beware of the above if hiring a person direct.

Selecting a qualified, compatible caregiver will create trust with your loved one, and will lead to a successful experience for all everyone.