Wigs Have Come a Long Way

Remember your Grandmother’s wig? It was synthetic, coarse, and to be used only when absolutely necessary. But today, wigs and extensions have fully emerged into the forefront of hair fashion. Their quality, style, and usability have improved exponentially. So too have the perceptions of the public –– thanks to celebrities and the general public’s propensity for new looks at a moment’s notice. This has made hairpieces not only acceptable, but desirable. Regardless of the woman’s ethnicity or what part of the country she is from, women want different looks.
Wigs and hairpieces have come a long way. Throughout history, they have always been critical, but now there is a huge interest because of technology –– the lightness of the fibers and memory of the wigs. Now, you can create tonality, and wigs can look much more like human hair. Today’s hairpieces are very lightweight and the hair feels more natural, more like your own.
Necessity is the mother of invention, and as the public has demanded innovation in the hairpiece department, manufacturers have answered the call with new technology and solutions that make changing up hairstyles easier than ever. Fifteen years ago, you could not use heat. Now wigs are more resilient and made from more natural fibers. The caps have been redesigned so they don’t feel as uncomfortably hot, and wigs are showing more realistic growth patterns.
Hairpiece options are now endless. Utilizing everything from clip-in bangs to full extensions to natural-looking wigs, women are realizing that these can be used to instantly update their looks –– perfect for our fast paced society.

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