Wisdom or Worry: What are your wrinkles saying about you

Wisdom or Worry: What are your wrinkles saying about you

Courtesy Aesthetics Medical Spa & Laser Center, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

Wrinkles are cute on Shar-Pei puppies, but aren’t nearly as attractive on your face. Society has labeled wrinkles as a sign of age, stress, and even as “wisdom.” Some wrinkles occur from volume loss, sun damage, tobacco use, and others from repetitive movements, like smile lines.  Wrinkles can visually age you or send out misconceptions about your personality before you even speak. While you may say that beauty is only skin deep, the fact is that physical appearance expresses your personality and professionalism has been studied to impact perceived job performance and employability.

There are two predominant types of wrinkles on your face, dynamic and static. Dynamic wrinkles are creases in the skin that are from movement of the muscles underneath. These are the wrinkles associated with the furrow between the eyebrows, crowsfeet around your eyes from squinting and lines on your forehead from expression. The other type of wrinkle are static wrinkles, or wrinkles that happen more due to loss of volume, changes in elasticity, damage to the skin from environmental factors (smoking cigarettes, sun, etc.), and from gravity.

Thankfully, there are many non-surgical treatments that can help with restoring a fresh and healthy appearance. There are also preventative therapies to avoid certain dynamic wrinkles from occurring at all, or delaying the process of aging with collagen stimulating modalities. The best part is that many of these options can be incorporated into a pampering experience, treatments that take less than an hour, and results that are almost instant.

One way to reduce dynamic wrinkles and help prevent them on your upper face is to minimize the way the underlying muscles pull on the skin. This can be done with a treatment that takes less than 15 minutes and lasts up to three to four months with products like Botox ® and Xeomin ®.   In the hands of a trained medical provider, these products can also prevent creasing of the furrow or “mean” lines between your eyebrows to help soften the appearance. These lines in general are equated only with facial expressions of anger and frustration; often causing others to form untrue first impressions.

Static wrinkles or volume loss with aging can be treated with products that help fill in or smooth the wrinkles. These help with restoring areas under the eyes which can cause a tired appearance, reducing fine lines around the mouth commonly thought of as “smoker’s lines,” and soften the parenthesis that frame our nose and mouth area. Fillers are practically providing almost instantaneous results and generally last at least one year or more.

One must-have item I will generally recommend that every client needs to have in their home, is a Clarisonic ®.  Made by the same makers of the SoniCare ® toothbrush, this is a cleansing handheld brush that uses sonic patented frequency of more than 300 movements per second. It is a simple and easy first start to removing six times more makeup and two times more dirt and oil than just manually washing your skin. Besides making your skin feel healthier and cleaner, this technology allows for better absorption of your skin product and incidentally helps improve fine lines and wrinkles.  The best part is it’s backed 100% by the company for warranty and it is waterproof.

Innovative Aesthetics incorporates the Clarisonic ® into all their facials to utilize the benefit of this technology into a pampering service. After you experience this device in the hands of a licensed esthetician, you will surely understand the high recommendation. The trained professionals can also then customize which products work best with your skin type so you can maximizing the efficacy of this purifying system.

With so many choices available, we invite you to have a complimentary skin care analysis and free consultation to discuss which options are best suited for your skin type. Innovative Aesthetics Medical Spa & Laser Center in Cedar Rapids boasts its tranquil environment for blending medical procedures with the pampering side of a spa. What this means to the client is the ability to transform their skin and diminish wrinkles with indulging and practical solutions.

We invite you to experience a complimentary skin care analysis and free consultation. Visit us at www.iamedicalspa.com or call 319-365-Spa1 (7721).