Material Deadlines are as follows: 

January issue – Material deadline is 11/10

March issue – Material deadline is 1/10

May issue – Material deadline is 3/10

July issue – Material deadline is 5/10

September issue – Material deadline is 7/10

November issue – Material deadline is 9/10

Deadlines for our Covers and Special Features such as Top Docs and Top Lawyers often differ from above. Should you have any questions, have a scheduling conflict, or wish to be added to our deadline reminders, please email our production team at

Bleed Ad Dimensions in inches, width by height

two-page spreadBleed: 17.250 x 11.375Trim: 16.750 x 10.875Live: 15.750 x 9.875
full page adBleed: 8.625 x 11.375Trim: 8.375 x 10.875Live: 7.375 x 9.875
half page horizontal adBleed: 8.625 x 5.478Trim: 8.375 x 5.197Live: 7.375 x 4.728
half page vertical adBleed: 4.885 x 11.375Trim: 4.36 x 10.875Live: 3.86 x 9.875
Bleed is .25″ on all edges

Please submit ads without any crop marks, color bars, file info or registration marks.

Printing, binding methods: Printed offset and perfect bind.

Covers and Inserts questions: Contact

Printing specifications: Follow SWOP recommended standards.

Accepted document formats: Properly produced PDFs are strongly encouraged. Documents saved as an EPS are also accepted. 

  • High-resolution PDF or EPS file (300 dpi, CMYK)
  • Embed all fonts or outline them.
  • Make sure all RGB and spot colors are converted to CMYK.
  • Do not use JPEG compression or native Photoshop files.
  • Make sure all images are within the ad are 300 dpi and CMYK.
  • Make sure all important material is ½” from the trim and contained within the live area.
  • When creating a bleed advertisement, make sure all important material is ½” from the bleed, in the live space, and that the bleed size extends on all sides of the ad.

Fonts: All fonts should be embedded or outlined.

Images: Make sure all images are CMYK and the file is fully flattened.

Submit your digital ad and any questions via email to:


Educational articles are accepted from advertisers who have purchased article space.

Accepted article formats: Articles are submitted in Word documents or typed into an email only (No PDFs, please). Living Well’s designers lay out all articles to ensure uniformity throughout the magazine. High resolution images (300 dpi) are welcomed to accompany your article providing the word count of your article allots space.

Full Page Article: 750 words maximum. This allots space for 1 stock photo. 

Half Page Article: 350 words maximum. This allots space for 1 stock photo.

Two Page Article: 1,100 words maximum: This allots space for 2 stock photos.


  • Title of article (Keep it simple and not long)
  • Author’s name for byline (the company name can be used)

Submit your article and any questions via email to: