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LPL Financial on viewing your home as part of your retirement portfolio – LIVING WELL Magazine

Viewing Your Home as Part of Your Retirement Portfolio
Courtesy LPL Financial, Akron LIVING WELL Magazine
Reverse Mortgage: Do Your Homework before Committing

Tapping home equity doesn’t necessarily require relocating. A reverse mortgage may be a solution if you have significant home equity and a desire to stay in your existing home. With a reverse mortgage, you receive a source of income by borrowing against your home’s equity. Payouts are tax free and may be taken as a lump sum, a line of credit, or an annuity-like payment schedule.

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Strategic Financial Partners talks investing – LIVING WELL Magazine

Time for a Conversation…With Yourself

By Alexander W. Lippert, Strategic Financial Partners, Colorado Springs LIVING WELL Magazine

We all know the story of the “Great Recession” and how it has changed our lives. Many people lost money. A lot of money. Many of us have seen continued hardship amongst our families and friends and the reasons why are numerous. […]