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  • You hear his voice most weeknights calmly reporting events or describing issues in the day’s news. Perhaps you watched him moderate the presidential debates. Maybe you’re among those who have been listening to him from the very earliest days in 1975 when he joined PBS’s The Robert MacNeil Report as the Washington correspondent, or the following year as the program expanded, renamed The MacNeil-Lehrer Report and went national. In 1983 it became the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, eventually changing its name once more during 1995-96 season when Robert MacNeil retired. Since then that calm visage and voice are seen and heard on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer televised by PBS stations everywhere. Today Jim’s official title is Executive Editor and Anchor. […]

  • Tom Hanks: America’s Favorite Neighbor

    Tom Hanks America’s Favorite Neighbor By Sondra Barr After nearly four decades in the spotlight, Tom Hanks still exudes a youthful affability. It’s a rare quality, especially for a longtime actor with such an illustrious [...]

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