Continuing the Legacy: Leu, Peirce & Olson, PLLC

Leu & Peirce, PLLC proudly unveils its new identity: Leu, Peirce & Olson, PLLC. This new name reflects the evolution of the firm since its founding in 2008. Leu, Peirce & Olson continues to serve the community as the preeminent Elder Law firm in Plano, furthering the mission of providing premium, compassionate, and dignified services to seniors, those who are disabled, and their families.

Lori Leu founded the firm in 2008, with a vision of helping families navigate the aging process through estate planning, public benefits eligibility, and probate. In 2011, Erin Peirce joined Lori’s mission to serve the community. Both Lori and Erin shared a passion to help seniors and their loved ones and, in 2015, the firm became Leu & Peirce, continuing this common goal. Lauren Olson joined the firm in 2013. Her spirit, persistence, and empathy developed and solidified the firm’s core value to serve and advocate for seniors. Lauren became a partner in 2020, creating the firm’s trifecta of competent, compassionate attorneys. The transition to Leu, Peirce & Olson solidifies the stability, growth, and longevity of the firm and its commitment to provide a comprehensive roadmap for aging to seniors, those affected by dementia, and their families.

The attorneys and staff of Leu, Peirce & Olson know that every day they will have the opportunity to help someone who is in crisis, trying to assist a senior or disabled loved one, but unsure of the help they need. Making a positive impact on these families is what motivates the team to bring compassion and love to their jobs in a way often unseen in the legal world.

Leu, Peirce & Olson is not a typical law firm. When you walk into the office, there is an inviting warmth that instantly makes visitors feel like welcome guests. Upon entering the doors, you are greeted by the friendly faces of Amy Wilson, Jan True, Sonia Cardona-Duran, Rhonda Connolly, Michaele Hayden, Lori Moore, and Cindi Stevens. They invite you into their home-away-from-home, offer you a cup of coffee, and chat with you like a good friend. But that is only a small part of why clients feel comfortable bringing their family concerns to Leu, Peirce & Olson. Lori, Erin, Lauren, and the newest attorney, James Sifford, radiate empathy and genuine concern for their clients. The entire team cares deeply about alleviating the suffering and stress of their clients and strives to make every client feel seen, heard, and helped.

 The practice of Elder Law and the passion of Leu, Peirce & Olson is about empowering seniors. Instead of focusing on a type of law, Elder Law attorneys focus on a type of client: seniors, individuals with disabilities, and their families. The Elder Law attorneys of Leu, Peirce & Olson have experience with the variety of complex issues seniors face, including guardianships for people who are incapacitated and cannot protect themselves, long-term care planning and public benefit options, such as Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits, to safeguard against financial ruin, estate planning to ensure proper assistance with financial and healthcare decisions and that wishes are honored after death, and assistance with probate administration after a loved one dies. Uniquely, Leu, Peirce & Olson also handles a variety of contested matters, defending seniors against elder exploitation and abuse during their lifetime through contested guardianships and supporting their last wishes in Will contests after they pass. No matter how big or small, the Leu, Peirce & Olson team provides compassionate advocacy for their clients.

The attorneys at Leu, Peirce & Olson each have their own story, strengths, and specialties that weave together to strengthen the team:

LORI: Lori Leu is a graduate of Kansas State University and Harvard Law School, and is honored to be one of the few attorneys in the country to carry the title of Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA). Frequently referred to as the “gold standard” for Elder Law and special needs practitioners, the CELA certification requires an attorney to have focused on the Elder Law/special needs field for several years, as well as passage of a rigorous written examination. Lori is known for her knowledge, ability to think outside the box, and proficiency in Elder Law issues. She educates and inspires Elder Law attorneys across Texas.

ERIN: Erin Peirce is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University and South Texas College of Law. Practicing Elder Law and litigating against elder exploitation and abuse is more than just a career for Erin. Erin’s ability to advocate in guardianships and probate litigation brings a unique perspective to the team. Erin provides her clients with counsel that is compassionate and effective in difficult and contentious situations.  Erin is a VA Accredited Attorney with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and is a leading attorney for Veteran’s Benefits in Texas.

LAUREN: Lauren Olson is a Plano native and a graduate of Saint Louis University and SMU Dedman School of Law. Lauren is proud to give back to seniors in the city she has long called home. Before attending law school, Lauren was a member of AmeriCorps, serving as a social worker for adults with disabilities. That same spirit of service permeates Lauren’s approach to Elder Law, as she brings calm, peace, and resolution to families trying to care for their loved ones.

JAMES: James H. Sifford, Jr. is the newest attorney to join the team. James graduated from SMU Dedman School of Law with a Business Concentration in May 2023 and began working at the firm in August 2023. With a background in Sociology, James shares the Leu, Peirce & Olson vision of advocating against elder exploitation and abuse, providing seniors with resources and advice regarding estate planning and long-term care, and providing advice on social justice and elder law issues.

Leu, Peirce & Olson strongly believes that arming yourself with accurate information can help ward off those seeking to profit from the aging Baby Boomer generation. Therefore, the attorneys speak as often as possible to community organizations, caregiver groups, and associations of attorneys and other professionals who may not be aware of the specific issues affecting aging clients. Providing education and community outreach are key parts of the Leu, Peirce & Olson practice. Prioritizing the needs of the community has been a cornerstone of the firm’s culture and integral to its growth. To maintain their mission of education, all of the attorneys at Leu, Peirce & Olson are members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), a preeminent national organization of attorneys focused on working through the legal problems of seniors and people with disabilities, and actively participate and support the Texas Chapter of NAELA. 

Leu, Peirce & Olson is also devoted to causes that are important to their clients. As a long-time supporter of the Dallas & Northeast Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association,  the firm participates in caregiver education and fundraising events throughout the year.  Leu, Peirce & Olson is also a proud supporter of the Wellness Center for Older Adults, which provides health, counseling, and social services for seniors throughout Collin County.

The attorneys of Leu, Peirce & Olson share the common goals of making a difference in the community and providing compassionate, dignified, and premium legal advice to those who need it the most. Their dedication to the community and their unique understanding of the complex legal issues families face make Leu, Peirce & Olson an integral part of professionals who focus on supporting seniors, those with dementia, and those with disabilities. Each member of Leu, Peirce & Olson has followed a calling of serving North Texas seniors and their families and is honored to have the privilege to help our population of elders as they age with peace of mind and clarity.