Dolly Parton: The Grand Dame of Country Music

Who is Dolly Parton? You could answer this question in many ways. A philanthropist may be top of your mind considering she was honored this month among this year’s Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy recipients for the $1 million donation she made in 2020 to help fund Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine research. […]


A Life-Changing Moment in Hearing

Steve Lukather, renowned guitarist and front man with the group Toto, has been playing rock-and-roll since he was 9 years old. It took another professional musician to persuade him to do something about his hearing loss. Kenneth and Jill Sheppard, owners of HearCare and Associates in Sherman and Gainesville, share Lukather’s story with you, and invite you to hear the music again. […]


Juston Dobbs, MBA, CDFA, CFP

You’ve worked hard. You recognize the value of setting financial goals, of saving money, of developing a strategic approach to help maximize your investment efforts. You know the “right” things to do, but maybe you’ve […]