How A Breakthrough Light Adjustable Lens Can Improve Your Post-Cataract Vision

Courtesy Key-Whitman Eye Center

The Light Adjustable Lens by RXSight has a unique ability to allow post-operative cataract patients to test-drive and customize their vision to their individual lifestyles. You can find this revolutionary new option at the offices and surgery center of Key-Whitman Eye Center.
“I’m excited about The the Light Adjustable Lens because it gives our cataract patients the power to choose their own final vision,” says Key-Whitman’s Chief Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Whitman. That’s why he recommended it to his wife, Bonnie, when her cataracts were becoming an issue. 
Bonnie knew it was time to take care of her cataracts when she started having trouble seeing to drive at night. Previously, she had enjoyed many years of great vision without glasses or contacts after she had Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery in the 1990s. The RK treated her distance vision, but like LASIK, does not prevent the need for reading glasses later in life. Nor can it overcome the problem of cataracts. Bonnie missed having great vision without the need for glasses, so she chose the new Light Adjustable Lens for her cataract surgery.
What Should Cataract Patients Know About The Light Adjustable Lens Experience?
Patients will not notice any difference in the procedure. As in any cataract surgery, once the cataract is removed, it is replaced with an intraocular lens implant (IOL). In Bonnie’s case, Dr. Whitman inserted the Light Adjustable Lens during her cataract procedure.
Dr. Whitman likes to refer to the Light Adjustable Lens as the “Magic Lens” because the focusing power of the lens can be modified using it can be changed or altered a painless beam of specialized when Ultra Violetultraviolet (UV) light is applied. That’s where the post-cataract surgery experience is different for Light Adjustable Lens patients. Like Bonnie, these patients need to wear UV protection when outside until final adjustments are made. When Bonnie’s vision was completely stable and she was fully healed after surgery, Key-Whitman was able to fine-tune changes to her lenses. Once she was happy with her vision, her final adjustment was performed with the UV light—no need for more surgery. As a result, she can see without correction for all distances.
How do Do You Know it It is Is Time for For Cataract Surgery?
When you are young, the focusing lens inside the eye is flexible and clear. It could automatically adjust to see things at every distance, much like the lens on a camera. In yourthe mid-40s, you begin to lose your ability to focus up-close and, eventually, it progresses until it becomes a cataract. That clear and flexible lens is now dense and cloudy. As it advances, the cataract gets thicker and turns from clear  white to yellow, then all the way to brown. That’s why people with cataracts can no longer see true colors. Also, bright lights can cause blinding glare when you have cataracts, which makes it hard for people to see well enough to drive, especially at night.
While most cataracts develop gradually and over time, certain medications, diabetes, or trauma to the eye can cause earlier onset of cataracts. If you notice that, even with glasses that , you can no longer see well enough to do the things you love to do, it’s time to see your eye doctor.   
How to To Choose Your Cataract Surgeon?
When selecting a surgeon to perform your cataract surgery, it is important to choose a board-certified eye surgeon, who is both highly experienced and can offer you a full range of lens options to enhance your vision.
The doctors at Key-Whitman offer you the best of both. They use only the most advanced equipment and techniques approved by the FDA, so you can feel confident about your procedure, no matter which option you choose. This is one reason Key-Whitman can offer advanced options like Light Adjustable Lenses, as well as other high-tech lenses to decrease your dependency on glasses or contacts. In fact, Key-Whitman is one of the few centers in Texas to offer this exciting technology.
In addition, Key-Whitman participates in many research clinical studies with the FDA. Leading providers of new technologies specifically request Key-Whitman because of their expertise and experience. This allows the practice to offer the latest options to patients. 
Join the thousands of patients, who have chosen Key-Whitman to improve their vision. Patient surveys show that the doctors and staff at Key-Whitman are caring and responsive to questions. If you are noticing changes in your vision, don’t let cataracts stop you from enjoying your daily activities.
Call Key-Whitman to treat your cataracts and take care of all your eye health needs.