When and why should you move to senior housing?

Pat Colonna, writer and a senior-housing resident, recently said “Chronological age has little or nothing to do with making the decision to move to senior housing. It’s all about you.” She is absolutely right. Each individual needs to assess his/her own needs and resources before making a move. Preparing ahead is key to making the right move, at the right time, for the right reason.



Going Local––The Forum at Park Lane

Chef Paul Glassman at The Forum at Park Lane is not your ordinary chef. Then again, this is no ordinary senior living community either. The Forum at Park Lane is known to be the pioneer of upscale senior communities in the Dallas area. It is a five-star senior living community that includes independent senior living, rehabilitation, assisted living and skilled nursing. […]


Alzheimer’s Can’t Be Fixed––Legacy Assisted Living and Memory Care

Many of us are so frightened at the prospect of Alzheimer’s that we ignore behaviors that could be indicative of the disease, hoping the symptoms will fade or making excuses to avoid the issue. Yet, people often say they wish they had sought a diagnosis and treatment for a loved one sooner, having waited until something horrendous happened that forced a realistic assessment of the situation. […]