Real Estate Investments in My Retirement Account, Really?

Did you know you can purchase real estate investments with your retirement plan? Well, you can!

Contrary to what your stock broker or financial planner may have told you, stocks, bonds and mutual funds are not the only permissible investment choices for your retirement account. If you are increasingly dissatisfied with your stock-market-based retirement plan portfolio, there are alternatives. A self-directed retirement plan may be the solution. […]

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Lee Johnson Capital Management warns "Your Retirement May Last Longer Than You Expect" – LIVING WELL Magazine

How Long Will You Live?
Warning: Your Retirement May Last Longer Than You Expect
Courtesy Lee Johnson Capital Management, CLU, CFP, ChFC, LIVING WELL Magazine
The most important retirement income question is one that no one can answer: How long can you realistically expect to live after you retire? Will that be for 20 years? For 30 or 40? […]