Tinnitus and Hearing Aids

Tinnitus and Hearing Aids By Elizabeth Brassine, Au.D. Tinnitus is a ringing, buzzing, humming, hissing or roaring sound that is heard when no external sound is present. According to the American Tinnitus Association, about 12 […]

hearing and heart health

High Performing Heart Care

High Performing Heart Care Courtesy The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano When it comes to care for your heart, one of the nation’s “best hospitals” is right here in Collin County. With innovative treatments, medical excellence and […]


Alzheimer’s, A Legal Perspective

Alzheimer’s, A Legal Perspective By: Miller Davidge Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. Eventually it destroys the ability to carry out even the simplest tasks. Alzheimer’s […]