Denton Regional Medical Center Opens Advanced Trauma Center in Denton County

Advanced Trauma Center Opens in Denton County

More than 1,000 traumatic injuries occur every year in Denton County, ranging from automobile accidents and sports injuries, to broken bones, concussions, and other serious injuries. For these individuals, receiving immediate trauma care is the single most important factor in improving survival rates and patient outcomes.

But access to advanced trauma care has not always been easy for Denton residents, who have typically been forced to seek care at trauma centers over 30 miles away. This means that more time is spent in transit instead of receiving immediate care by a trauma physician.

With the recent designation of Denton Regional Medical Center as an Advanced Trauma Center by the Texas Department of State Health Services, a higher level of trauma care is now available in the Denton community. Individuals facing a serious injury can now receive care closer to home, with immediate access to trauma surgeons and other physician specialists 24 hours a day.

“The first hour after a traumatic injury is known as the golden hour, where receiving immediate trauma care can make the greatest impact on survival and patient outcomes. Having a designated trauma center in Denton County means that more of this critical hour can be spent receiving treatment instead of being transported by ambulance or helicopter to facilities outside our community.” Mark Jenkins, MD, trauma surgeon

About Our Designation

Denton Regional Medical Center received designation as an Advanced (Level III) Trauma Center by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The regional trauma system provides a coordinated approach to providing timely trauma care to patients in an emergency. As a part of this system, Denton Regional is able to provide more expedient care to trauma patients in Denton and other North Texas communities where advanced trauma services were previously unavailable.

“Research shows that patients treated in a designated trauma center have lower mortality rates, fewer complications, and a shorter length of stay. By establishing the first trauma center in Denton County, we hope to provide better outcomes for trauma patients in our community and allow them to receive care closer to home.” Caleb O’Rear, CEO

The designation process ensures that proper procedures, staffing, and processes are in place to best care for the most serious injuries, from gunshot wounds to complex fractures. As a part of this designation, trauma surgeons, as well as other physician specialists are required to be available 24 hours a day.

Members of the Denton Regional trauma team include trauma surgeons, physician specialists, nurses, and other hospital staff who receive special training and education regarding care for the trauma patient. Denton Regional also partners with local EMS personnel to provide education in caring for trauma patients in the field.

Trauma facilities are required by the State of Texas to collect data for evaluation on an ongoing basis concerning trauma cases. This ensures that quality standards are being upheld. In addition, each facility must have a quality improvement program in place to monitor areas of improvement. Designated trauma facilities also play a key role in community education, serving as community partners to prevent injuries.

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