The Essential Link between Louisiana Chemistry and World-Wide Health Care

The Essential Link between Louisiana Chemistry and World-Wide Health Care

By Desiree Lemoine, Director of Communications, Louisiana Chemical Association, New Orleans LIVING WELL Magazine

You probably have other things to think about in a doctor’s office or hospital – other than the links between the chlorine and vinyl products made in Louisiana and how they contribute to your well-being each and every day, or about the essential role that these products play in your life.  Don’t sweat it! I’m going to make that connection for you now, so keep reading and you will be amazed at the contributions of the good chemistry that we practice in Louisiana.

Taking a look at a hospital or doctor’s office from the inside out, Louisiana chemistry has touched each and every object you see. Let’s begin with the cell phone, land-based phone or computer you used to make your doctor’s appointment. Did you know that the parts that make up the technology you used have their origin here in Louisiana where the chlorine and vinyl are produced? And what about the pen you write with to mark your doctor’s appointment on your calendar? The ink, and the plastic that contains the ink, also have their origin right here in Louisiana. And don’t forget about the paper you write on, or the “sticky note” that reminds you about your appointment. Ever wonder what makes a sticky note sticky? It is the resin adhesive.  All of the main ingredients used to make those every day conveniences begin right here in Louisiana.

Aside from those products that make our life easier, what about the products that help heal us when we are sick, or keep us healthy in the first place? The products of Louisiana chemistry make the rubber in your shoes, the blood pressure gauges, stethoscopes, and medical tubing, just to name a few. Louisiana also produces the chlorine that makes the vinyl products that protect us from the elements such as the vinyl siding, which is used on offices, buildings and homes. It is also used to make artificial limbs, walkers and canes, exam tables, bed pans, blood bags, pace makers and surgical equipment. Perhaps most importantly, the chlorine that is produced in Louisiana is used to make life-saving medications, antiseptics that kill germs, and safe drinking water.

The list of products made using the raw materials manufactured in Louisiana is long. I hope after reading this article you will take a second look next time you are in a hospital or doctor’s office to see how many essential links you can find to the vital role that Louisiana plays in world-wide health care.

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